INNERSTANDING: Higher Self Meditations

Unlock Your Authenticity and Achieve Inner Peace Through Daily Meditations
with Heart-Centered Hypnotherapist, Harry Turner

Finding yourself bored or sleepy every time you try to meditate?

Is it difficult to stay focused, or “clear your mind” of thoughts?

Not sure if your practice is actually doing anything?

Or is it just really hard to find a guided meditation that you actually want to do?

Innerstanding is a guided meditation subscription, led by The Nocturnal Therapist, Harry Turner. Unlike apps or YouTube videos, we’ve curated 7 core meditations designed to help you achieve inner peace and tap into your authentic self. Instead of searching for the perfect track, you can simply sit down, get comfortable and listen to the soothing voice of Heart-Centered Hypnotherapist, Harry Turner. 

With guided audio meditations ranging from 5 to 30 minutes long, you can choose to show up every day regardless of your schedule, and rest assured knowing that your practice will be effective and enjoyable.



If you’re feeling out of alignment, or are seeking clarity on your purpose… these meditations are for you. When you feel like you’re just at the edge of what you really want, or aren’t hitting your goals as fast as you like, these audios will help you to replace self-limiting thoughts and beliefs with more empowering ones. By tuning out the noise, you can get grounded and learn to tap into your inner knowing.


A daily meditation practice will help you tap into the present moment, regardless of how demanding or stressful life becomes. You’ll develop your intuition and awareness, which will free you from fear and anxiety, and allow you to grow more, achieve more, and explore life with confidence. You’ll also decrease your risk of stress-related illnesses, and foster a healthier mind and body.


As an Innerstanding subscriber, you’ll get access to one new full-length, focused Meditation every month on a featured topic plus a guided journal exercise to explore your inner world, and a brand new Morning Motivation audio to start your day. Opt in to receive challenges and journal prompts to your email to further accelerate your growth.


7 Specially Curated Meditations That You Can Access Anytime & Anywhere:


 You'll get 1 new full-length focused Meditation every month, sent right to your inbox.

✔ BONUS: Clarity of Emotions Journaling Meditation

You can listen to your meditations through the Kajabi mobile app, or download the files to your phone. 


Listen to a Sample:


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