LIMITED SERIES: Brother to Brother Part I

Season #2

Limited Series:  Brother to Brother

According to Wikipedia, Louisiana experienced the highest per capita murder rate among all US states in 2019 for the 31st consecutive year, according to the 2019 FBI Uniform Crime report.

Once rich in plantations, Louisiana currently remains the "Incarceration Capital of the World".

You're about to experience an authentic dialogue between two men, middle class professionals with families about the plight we face and the difficult choices that are ahead for all of us.

Harry Turner  03:05

I am especially appalled by the level of violence that's occurring just this week. . .

Jermal Watson 04:29

New Orleans is just as bad. . . . I feel like they brought the game Grand Theft, Auto to life . . .

Harry Turner  09:09

. . . . He's internalizing all of that. And he's turning that hatred in on himself, and on everybody around him. Because we can only love the other to the extent that we love ourselves. 

Jermal Watson 11:39

A lot of the issues that people say they want help with are self inflicted. . . But it was learned also, you know, so it's all like we're recycling learned behaviors. It may look different, but it came from something. . . for instance, my son, if I want him to be more responsible, he has to see it. In a lot of families . . they don't see how they can change what they're doing to help benefit the person behind them, because they're focusing on themselves.

Harry Turner  13:08

 . . . attitude reflects leadership. And so if the head says, as long as it's all about me, or I got to make it about me, then of course, the child adopts that same attitude. It's all about me, it's all about me.  . . I don't understand the senseless murders that are going on, particularly within our communities, particularly within the African American community. . . . A house divided cannot stand.

Jermal Watson 14:25

. . .But it's like they've taken [Grand Theft Auto] thinking that if they get shot by something, they're just gonna pop back up like a video game and . . . they're acting out as if that was true. And they don't care who they're hurting and they don't care if they get hurt.

Harry Turner  15:34

 . . . these things come with loans, we're not buying these things out cash, these things come with loans, we take out loans, loans that have interest, and if you have interest on one vehicle, okay, that's one thing. But then you have interest on two or maybe three vehicles, and then you have a mortgage, and then you got to get insurance on that mortgage. And then you got to get insurance on the insurance mortgage. And then you got to make sure that you have your medical bills, God forbid you miss one paycheck . . . .

Jermal Watson 17:41

The heat is real. . . . And what's crazy is I feel like as a culture, we get into the comparing of you know, man, "well, he got this he got this. Well, why he ain't got this". . . . But it's human nature. And once again, it's learned because somebody else. . . .  No man, like I'm working just like you. But the problem is, I have to keep working in order to keep it. 

Harry Turner  19:03

Biblically, slavery is a form of indentured servitude. You're working to pay off some type of debt. And so that credit card company that you owe money to, according to Biblical terms, you're an indentured servant to it. That car note or car notes or truck notes or mortgage or whatever else you took a loan out on. Technically Those things don't belong to you, you are just holding on to them until you pay everything off . . . 

Jermal Watson 20:33

. . . . and your school uniform looks like you just jumped through three gates, got bit by five dogs. . . .But you're wearing Yeezy's. . . . I see you with your four to $500 tennis shoes . . .walking to the bus stop. You don't have the technology you need for school . . . .  

Harry Turner  23:10

. . . .I understand why we do it because in a capitalist society, we see how we how wealthy people and affluent people are glamorized and glorified. We see how whenever you are wealthy not only do you have access to do whatever you want, whenever you want, but you also get free things for being wealthy, you'll get a bonus access, you get the lowest interest zero interest rate down you know, whereas the poor person who's trying to pull their pennies together just to make ends meet will be charged a gross interest rate where they pretty much are paying double what someone who is affluent is paying. . . .


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Harry “The Nocturnal Therapist” Turner