LIMITED SERIES: Brother to Brother Part IV

Brother to Brother Part IV

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LIMITED SERIES: Brother to Brother


Jermal Watson & Harry Turner 

Harry Turner  00:09

I can only love the other to the extent that I love myself. And if I don't love myself, if I wish to die if I don't care about my life, then quite naturally, I don't care about yours. But why would a person not care about something as valuable as their own life as precious and beautiful as life is? And why would a person not care about life to the extent that they would carelessly suspend and take away someone else's?

Jermal Watson  00:58

It's because we haven't seen life as being valuable. The people you've been around, don't look at life itself is being valuable.  We grew up in church. I never really heard them talk about, you know, it is a trend now of your valuable and all that. But that wasn't the thing. We came up all. It was God 1st, then you so your value was placed above you. 

 Harry Turner  01:43

Altogether, which then made me no different than anybody else in the street out there killing one another, not valuing each other's life, never killed anybody. But yes, that rage has been in me, that that that those thoughts have been in me, that desire.

Jermal Watson  07:24

And some adults who are aware of what's going on just taking opportunities instead of you know, there's no playbook for it. . . . there's no playbook for when you have two Johnny's in a class that are different, like, one can live in a condo downtown, and the other Johnny can live in a boathouse.

 Harry Turner  09:23

Well, what's the solution? What's the solution? What's the solution? What do we do about the murder? What's the solution? Well, to my my brothers, you know, specifically my African brothers. I'm gonna tell you to be the solution. I'm gonna tell you stop waiting for a solution. I'm gonna tell you to be the solution. One of the things that's missing, I find in current culture is [few] care about principles anymore. . . .

Jermal Watson  11:19

I had a student who was dealing, decided to come to school, who was normally a quiet kid, but must have hit the lick. So he comes in flashing money . . . . The sad part was that this student was maybe 14 or 15, but had to be in the class with fourth graders, fourth, or fifth graders, something like that.

So first of all, you're way too old for this. But even with how he was moving before, he felt like he had to get acceptance and approval from the little kids. And I guess to feel powerful, because look at look at me, look what I got . . . .

Harry Turner  12:35

Life is not checkers. It is chess. And what I mean by that is that life is a game of strategy. You must choose wisely and strategically. And when you're making your moves, make sure that your moves are for your highest good, . . . that is not selfishness that is self love. When it's for your highest good that means that you're operating in the space of love and love would never cause harm to another. And when you love yourself as, you feed yourself and learn how to love yourself more, that love is extended to the other . . . . 

Jermal Watson  14:01

What people do love? . . . the underdog. And once, instead of trying not to accept that that's a place you're gonna always be, know that if people see you fighting, they always know you gotta fight and chance because you're still swinging. So, you know, youngsters, you know, even some adults stop. Don't stop swinging. You're still in the ring and the belling ring it. 

Harry Turner  14:28

Stupidity, is to know better, but yet still choose to operate outside of what you know. And so you're not using that knowledge.  And so you're not being wise. And so know that knowledge in motion is wisdom. And it's only that wisdom that will be able to break those barriers that you're so afraid of that you believe that you can overcome. Only wisdom can break those barriers.

No child grows up and says "I want to murder somebody." No child grows up like that. No child grows up saying "I want to be running from the law." "I want to spend my life in the prison or I want to cause grief to my family because I'm six feet under the ground because I just didn't give a . . . ." 

Jermal Watson  17:02

But, it is crazy, like so saying that because they don't die. Because even if you kill one weed, that weed has taken on somewhere else anyway, because it spreads . . . . search for wisdom like seek, see get out.   

I talked to very few people. And, you know, I had a friend of mine tell me, who's a fellow musician, "every time I'm around you, we never really talk about music. We talk about life." I say, "yeah, I say it's crazy . . .but think about it. Music is a language. Life has so many different parts. And there's so much to talk about. So we fairly understand music, but in regards to life, we are still searching . .

Harry Turner  18:15

. . . .and never get arrogant. Because life will show you better, I promise you that. I've learned with the last depressive spell I fell into. I don't mind talking about that at all because we need to be comfortable.

We don't have a problem going to the to our place of employment and announcing that we have the flu or that we are not feeling well to everybody, even people that don't care. And we all need to feel just as comfortable about talking about our current mental condition.

Jermal Watson  20:03

Just to jump in what's crazy about that? Our black culture, don't do that. We don't decide to say, "I need a mental health day" . . . . because instead of you leaving to go take a break, some people want to face it head on, like, No, I'm having an issue with this. And this is why and people don't know how to take that. . . .



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