We’re here to help you develop the audacity to live a life that reflects you. School of Outliers will help you step away from conformity and become the author of your own story.

Unconventional Wisdom. Life-Changing Tactics. Joyful Results.

Start Your Healing Journey

Inner Work is at the very core of what we do at School of Outliers. It allows you to see yourself clearly, face your fears, heal from trauma and begin to operate from your heart-space. Doing this work will help you rediscover your truth, and live authentically.

Learn The Basics

Start now with the fundamental concept of suppressed emotions, and discover strategies to deal with your shadows so you can begin to heal.


Choosing to Heal e-Book

Explore the parts of yourself that are causing you pain and holding you back from living your fullest life, with practices and exercises to help you shine light on the shadow within.


Shadow Course

 Ready to start your transformation and do the deep, inner work? This 8-part program will provide you with the tools and support to stop self-sabotaging, and discover your true power and purpose.


Unlock Your Authenticity and Achieve Inner Peace Through Daily Meditation

The benefits of meditation are undeniable. From science-backed results including increased focus to better sleep, there's a reason why more major companies are investing in mindfulness training than ever before.

We believe that learning to be present, understanding your beliefs, and becoming aware of your thoughts is they first step to discovering your truth. 


INNERSTANDING: Guided Meditation Subscription

Our guided audio meditations range from 5 to 30 minutes long, so you can choose to show up every day regardless of your schedule, and rest assured knowing that your practice will be effective and enjoyable.



I go by "The Nocturnal Therapist" because I know how it feels to be surrounded and influenced by darkness. After suffering through many challenges, from tragic and traumatic deaths to being broken-hearted and stuck in sorrow, I’ve had to dig my way out of the trenches many times. Fortunately, I’ve learned how to navigate and thrive in a way that is efficient and authentic.

The School of Outliers aims to go deeper to find the root of most of life’s uncomfortable and unpleasant experiences. It reaches beyond self-help and into complete intellectual and spiritual nourishment and enlightenment. It is through achieving this that you will be able to handle anything hurled your way, learn that happiness is a choice and choose to live the life of your choosing.

Learn from my successes as well as my perceived failures...



This is a safe space to present questions and have a casual dialogue about life. I am not your expert. Only you can be that. Here, we share our triumphs and challenges together as we embrace all of our humanness, and address the real problems everyday people face.

“Is That SOO?” is a double entendre, in that it has two meanings. “Is That SOO?” represents the School of Outliers and the practice of equanimity, or the practice of developing inner peace.

This show invites on Guests who have made a practice of embracing their Shadows, or painful points of our life that led to limiting beliefs, and emerged with a more intimate relationship with their authentic parts of beingness. We invite you to a seat at our table if you move in love and are about Living In Truth, or being L.I.T. for life.


"Outliers are those who have been given opportunities — and who have had the strength and presence of mind to seize them."

Malcom Gladwell


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