"If you're looking for a guru, look in the mirror and be still."

7 Attributes of an Outlier!

An Outlier is something that lies outside of what is considered to be average!

To be average is to fit within what is considered “normal” by popular opinion. Some consider average to be synonymous with mediocre. Mediocrity gives birth to a life of monotonous, laborious routine that is unfulfilling and void of happiness. Happiness can only be attained in the Now. A common textbook example of an Outlier is if you were to calculate the average age in a 3rd grade classroom, you’d exclude the teacher. She/he would be considered a statistical Outlier and removed from calculating the average. Note:  Outliers are removed from the group in order to get a more accurate result.

Outliers are usually loners and prefer it.

Outliers are typically loners, not because they actually prefer to be despite their denial of this, but because they’ve typically experienced some form of rejection for their uniqueness. A trauma can range from being assaulted to having your...

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The Connection between Mindfulness and Mental Wellness

Mindfulness is, simply put, being aware and present. Present in the moment you are experiencing, present in the now. Mental health issues can be a difficult feedback loop, and a lot of us struggle to get out of it. Being mindful can help us stop the spiraling in it’s tracks. Mindfulness meditation incorporates a vast array of techniques such as mindful breathing, body scan, visualizations, and various other methods. The basic principle of this type of meditation is always staying aware and present in the moment. The goal of this practice is not to analyze and dissect your thoughts, the goal is to accept them as they come along and then gently let them go, without any judgment. It is awareness, acceptance, and living in the now.

And the more you do it, the easier it gets. Staying present can be hard, but as you continuously meditate it almost becomes second nature, a reflex, and a spontaneous reaction to stressful situations. Our thoughts are automatic, and you never know what...

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