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Meditation and Mental Wellness

Mindfulness Meditation and Mental Wellness: Mindfulness is, simply put, being aware and present. Present in the moment you are experiencing, present in the now. Meditation is not a luxury but a necessary skill in manifesting your highest aspirations as opposed to your worst nightmare.

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What is Hypnotherapy?

Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy follows the principle of implementing more positive habits and thoughts at the subconscious level to eventually outweigh and push out the negative ones. The human mind is suggestible, making it prone to attaching itself to any and all thoughts that float by. With hypnosis, we go to the root: the subconscious mind and replace the negative thoughts, tendencies and beliefs with more positive ones. Clients who have undergone this, often awake feeling renewed and better equipped to handle life’s inevitable ups and downs.

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Are you an Outlier?

7 Attributes of an Outlier! An Outlier is a statistical anomaly, in that it lies outside of “normal” parameters. For example, in statistical analysis, were an analyst calculating the average age of a 3rd grade classroom, the teacher’s age would be thrown out as an Outlier. Outliers enrolled in this program are those who make the choice few others have made, to take control of their lives by actively and intentionally living a life of authenticity.

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