Learning about Imposter Syndrome with Dr. Tiffany Zachery

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Learning about Imposter Syndrome with Dr. Tiffany Zachery

In this episode, we have invited Dr. Tiffany Zachery, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and board-approved clinical supervisor, with over ten years of experience working with a varied population of clients. She uses her professional skills as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker to help you design success based on living and being your authentic self.

What is imposter syndrome?


American Psychological Association says "an imposter phenomenon occurs among high achievers who cannot internalize and accept their success." They often attribute their accomplishments to looks rather than their ability.  They fear that others will eventually amass them as a fraud.


For Tiffany, it's a cultural aspect. There are many things that occur within our life that contribute to the development of Imposter Syndrome. Traumas, in particular, can play a role in influencing its development.

Why people struggle with being authentic?


When we see, hear about, or experience other people being dishonest, phony, or simply withholding the truth, many of us, myself included, become enraged in a self-righteous way. How often do we, on the other hand, do it ourselves? When it comes to authenticity, we can be somewhat hypocritical, wanting it from others all the time but not doing and being authentic ourselves.


This does not make us "bad" or "wrong," but somewhat human. Most people I know, talk to and work with find authenticity difficult. The more we can connect with our own struggle with authenticity, the more capable and motivated we will be to overcome whatever is preventing us from being genuine.

How our mind begins to internalize things?


The rules that you've been indoctrinated with are not what is INHERENTLY YOU, and that is not your fault. You are creating your life so if you can't work any spaces where you feel less than or you have to question your identity, do something else. No one is more than you, nobody. No one needs to give you permission to be you. Just be confident in who you are as a man or woman.

Why can't authenticity in professional title coexist?


It goes back to identity. We need identity development. But there's a thing like what you are a part of doesn't coincide with your business. You don't look like what you are supposed to be doing today. 



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