What is Body Work Liberation? with Shanquila Q. Sylve, LMT

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What is bodywork liberation with Shanquila Q. Sylve

In this episode, we have invited Shanquila Q. Sylve, licensed massage therapist and head massage therapist at One Life Chiropractic.  She started as a clinic patient and now strives to give the best therapeutic care possible to others.  She is highly skilled at muscular therapy and is always learning new techniques. She is happily married with four children. Q will discuss ways to get rid of stress in the body by introducing the concept/holistic practice of “bodywork liberation”

What is body word liberation?


Bodywork liberation is liberating the body of negative emotion through bodywork and through touch. Another name, somatic therapy, is another terminology, which is just an alternative therapy through touch to relieve someone from PTSD, anxiety, depression, etc.

Unforgiveness manifest in your body


Everybody's body manifests whats inside of us differently. It's typically high strung, angry clients are often hard-to-relax clients. Hard muscle tissue can also be a sign of anger or stress.

Hard Muscles tissue on our body


When you have hard muscle tissue, it means your fascia is getting tight. When that gets hard, it pulls our muscles out of alignment. Therefore, our muscles would not be stiff. They should be pliable. We need our strengths. That's what helps us to move. When the fascia becomes rigid, that causes issues.

What is Trauma?


Trauma is any negative experience that you've had that manifests in your life to date. Unfortunately, a lot of people are unaware that they are even experiencing PTSD or trauma. It could be as simple as a spoken word.

Indication to see a therapist.


Most of the time, it has different forms. Stress can be as simple as tension in the neck and shoulders because you constantly tense your body and hold your shoulders up. Some people don't even know that they haven't experienced trauma, even though it's evident to them that they've gone through something.

How you release stress and trauma


Therapists can help you release stress and trauma in different ways. One way is through ear acupressure. Another is body liberation, which is like pressure massage. Yoni steaming is suitable for anyone who is experienced sexual trauma or has experienced childbirth. And there's also pelvic steaming or vaginal steaming. It's mainly breathing and becoming conscious of your body, what you feel like, your emotions, and living because we are so busy that we ignore our bodies.


Most of us are not in tune with our bodies to know when there is a beginning phase of something. So we're not in touch with our body to feel its pains or whatever's going on or emotions that you're not aware of,  because you're too busy to pay any attention to it.


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