Talking Human Design with Hannah from Canada

Season #1

What is Human Design with Hannah Fehr

 In this episode, we have invited Hannah Fehr. She is a course creator, entrepreneur, digital marketing strategist, and CEO of Trunorth Creative. She manages marketing campaigns to cultivate brand awareness & drive traffic using Facebook Ads. In addition, she helps clients in web design and development and implements strategies on social platforms to promote business and increase lead generation. A process of you can be happier, faster, feel calm, get the relationships you want.

 Liminal Spaces


A liminal space is often uncomfortable and disorienting. It is characterized by uncertainty because you don’t know what’s about to come when you cross the threshold into the new space beyond. You are in this place of emotional limbo where you do not think all the life you could be feeling as low as you know you could feel.


A liminal space is a space between areas. A liminal space is a boundary between two points in time, space, or both. 

What is Human Design?


Human Design provides a map for your soul’s unique energy. We all have an aura that extends three feet beyond the physical body and brings that energy to any situation. It provides a snapshot of your unique point so that you can understand the vibes you get to an environment and where you are vulnerable to others. 

Manifesting Generators


They are the great multi-taskers of life, interested and passionate in a million things. They move fast and have a lot on the go, but like the Generator, they perform best when something lights up their souls.

The Authority


The authority is how you make decisions. Hannah’s Human design is the authority where she listens to her gut. That was a significant affirmation for her because she always had a strong intuition. It’s like knowing that that’s what she needs to do when she has that gut feeling like it’s always right.

Let go of the Struggles.


Hannah got into this space where she just wanted to quit so bad and stop doing it. She felt like it was a struggle and ready for the next thing, but she doesn’t know what it will be. One of the mentors she follows in the marketing space said that no struggle or hustle will ever compensate for lack of alignment. It validates and illuminates the parts of you that you know to be accurate but haven’t had the words to describe and gives you the confidence to love it all. 



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