What Happens When You Choose To Be Your Authentic Self with Daniela E. Ramirez

Season #1

What Happens When You Choose to Be Your Authentic Self with Daniela E. Ramirez

In this episode, we invited Daniela E. Ramirez, age 22, a senior at Rutgers University new Ark. She majored in psychology with a minor in criminal justice and a mental health advocate.

[5:44] How do you navigate rejection?

No one will tell us on how to navigate rejection. Life is about navigating and sometimes it comes with many ups and downs. As we head towards our goals that we have set in our lives, we could face many obstacles along the way. The best decision we could make is to keep moving forward one step at a time. Always remember rejections are redirection and move on.

[6:54] Self-Compassion

Self-Compassion goes back to being an authentic self. It involves acting the same way towards yourself when you are having a difficult time, fail, or notice something you don’t like about yourself. In addition, self-compassion entails being warm and understanding toward ourselves since we know ourselves better than anybody what will work for us. 

[8:04] Mental Health Advocate

An advocate means understanding that even though there’s stigma around mental health. It’s okay to speak about it, to seek help when needed—and just creating a safe space for other people who might be suffering as well. From Daniela’s experience, she was going through mental issues where she had bad anxious thoughts and would react in ways that she didn’t understand therefore she knows what it feels like to have silent battles,

[8:59] What do we do when we have a painful experience?

The best way to cope with painful experiences is to transform how you think about the situation. When you consciously choose to shift your perspective of the situation, you will begin seeing things anew. Then, remove yourself from the situation and take time to calm your emotions and settle your mind.

[11:54] All about Pain

Most of us like to avoid hurt and pain as much as possible. As humans want a painless existence so much that scientists make a living trying to create it. No one wants to suffer but it’s generally accepted that life is pain. Life is pain, and it is inevitable, so embrace it positively. Anyone who strives to have a painless life strives for perfection and guarantees sadness because nothing will ever be perfect.

[17:18] Compass

Daniela can have synchronicities with numbers where she will see a series of numbers or patterns of numbers, and they will show up at times where it's like this is what this means for her at the time. She had experiences where she's stressed, and these numbers will pop up for her. Aside from that, she had courage and faith.


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