"Father, Why Do They Hate Us: T.he H.ate U. Give" - Theodore Turner, Jr., D.D.

Season #1

On this special episode of The Late Night "Is That SOO?" Show, I've invited my father on. We live in an era where we keep relevant and meaningful dialogues behind closed doors for concern of what others may think. That fear keeps us from accessing our most authentic Self. Also, it's important to have an authentic father and son dialogue to combat the negative image portrayed too often of AA fathers being absent and/or negligent.

Guest: Theodore Turner Jr.
• Doctor of Divinity
• Paster of Mt Olive Baptist Church
• Minister of Faith in the Parish Prison
• Husband of One and Father of Four
• Recipient of [beaucoup] Awards

Fun Fact: Was on “The Secret Millionaire” with Todd Graves of “Raising Canes”

In this episode, you will see a little more of my acknowledgement of the subjective human experience of "i" personhood.

[0:52] Personal Experiences with Racism 

 . . . "And this was my sophomore year and in college going to LSU. In By the way, I was welcomed to LSU the first week by a bunch of fraternity, Caucasian brothers passing by in a pickup truck called a racial slur were just one of my experiences. But anyway, this is my sophomore year, this particular experience I want to highlight sophomore year, my friend . . . .

[10:12] Pastor Theodore Turner Jr., DD 

. . . ."You guys, if you think it's a problem now, you should have seen similar things that I saw coming up. While only drinking fountain drinking water fountains. . . .you couldn't sit at the counter. In a bus station, you had to sit at the back. . . .

[14:32] Angola Plantation to Angola Prison 

"Angola plantation was the most prosperous plantation and all of the country right here in Louisiana. Yeah, we set another record, go figure. And guess what? After the abolishment after the Emancipation Proclamation in the abolish slavery, they change Angola plantation to Angola prison. . . .

[17:36] There is a Rage and a Restrainer 

"There is there is a rage. .  we have the restrainer the Holy Spirit. . .  and so He helps us and He leads us. He guides us and He directs us. But we still can put up a good fight against injustices that are going on against us. . . .



Contact Pastor Turner of Mt Olive Baptist Church:  [email protected]

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Harry “The Nocturnal Therapist” Turner


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