Stumbling Forward: Part II

Stumbling Forward

In this off-season mini-series, I've invited my sister on, Theia Marie, to dialogue about the skillful practice of stumbling forward. Even when we stumble there is room for Gratitude. Why? Because even when we stumble, we still stumble forward. In this off-season 3-part series, we break down important ingredients needed to make the most of any challenge. Stumbling Forward is about leaning into your discomfort and choosing to face your fears, knowing freedom is on the other side.

Step 1: Nikes. You got to have you a fresh pair of Nikes to get [expletive] done.

NOC: “And again, remember my analogy of having my foot growing and expanding and me thinking that something is wrong . . . thinking that I had planar fasciitis . . . when in reality, my foot had outgrown the size of my shoe. I just needed a bigger shoe. Sometimes all you need is just bigger minded people around you.”

Step #2:  Express gratitude for having a ‘sketchy’ memory, as it pertains to perceived failures

Theia Marie: “I think having a bad memory can help because there's something that you just don't need to rehearse in your mind. There’s no need to continue to think about a bad decision or a bad time. How can that be fruitful? How can that help you in any way? . . . I think that having a bad memory and forgetting about some things, and some people will actually, produce the results that you're wanting to have versus what you're experiencing.”

Step #3: A strong heart full of determination and faith in oneself

“Not all wins feel good. Much of your life will be growing pains and not growing pleasures. Once you realize that, once you realize that life consists of mostly waves, instead of calm waters, you can grab yourself a [expletive] surfboard and have some fun. . .You got to have a strong heart. Faith is not belief in what we do see but acceptance of the unseen. . . you are a mini-Creator, in that, You Create Your Existence . . .”


Theia Marie: 

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Harry “The Nocturnal Therapist” Turner