2.5 Choosing Courage with Sharon Rolph

Season #2

Sharon Rolph is a Behavioral Scientist turned Retirement Essence Coach on a mission to help others find purpose and tap into their potential. Known as the “Queen of Courage”, Sharon believes that “anything not growing is dying” and that we all deserve to find joy in our lives. Join us as we discuss courage, personal responsibility, why it’s so important to live in our truth, and how happiness can benefit our health, especially into old age.

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Episode Highlights: 

07:07 - The transition to the Queen of Courage

“My unique service that I provide to people is helping them live from their inner Spark, I call it the essence... what you were born with. When you're true to your heart, living from your heart kind of flows effortlessly.”

08:29 - How trauma impacted Sharon’s journey

12:01 - Overcoming self-judgement

“There were times when I was doing my recovery work, that I would go to church and I would hug people so I would get a hug. And other times I felt like if somebody came up behind me and said boo, that I'd crumble like Humpty Dumpty, you know, it was a tough process.”

14:39 - What is a behavioral scientist?

16:43 - Finding meaning at any age

“I want to wake boomers up to say, where did you leave your joy? It's time to find your happiness. And quite likely, it's linked to something you're really good at, and you don't know how good you are.”

20:33 - What advice can boomers offer millennials? 

26:40 - The definition of courage

“It has a lot of elements of looking at risk and having the gumption, the grit, the belief in yourself, that I'm willing to take that risk... I can measure up to what this demands of me.”

31:17 - Curiosity is everything

33:25 - The physical benefits of good mental health 

“I think if you want your parents to be around for your kids' wedding they need to live longer for them to be there and to live longer, they need to be enjoying retirement. And that whole curiosity and meaning actually decreases your health care costs.”

37:03 - Leaving a legacy 

44:10 - The courage to be seen

“When you have a hunch that you want to try something, you may not understand that it's something bubbling up from your subconscious that wants to be expressed.”

49:56 - The psychology of authenticity


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