2.6 Healing Limiting Beliefs with Leah Marmulla

Season #2

Leah Marmulla is an author, NLP practitioner, counsellor and an expert on beliefs. On this episode, we dive deep into how beliefs are actually created, how healing our limiting beliefs can help us live more authentic and fulfilled lives, and simple strategies you can transform old beliefs into more empowering ones. We also chat about forgiveness, self-awareness, and the meaning of self-actualization. 


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Attached - Amir Levine, Rachel Heller

Attachment Theory Workbook - Annie Chen



10:35 - What is self-actualization?

“For me, self actualization is actually coming full circle back to purity, back to self love, coming back and going... I'm very happy with who I am. I've actually achieved what I have set out to do. So it can be different for everyone.”

14:05 - Why clarification is so important 

“It's only when we do start to talk and have dialogues and ask questions that then we can go, ‘Oh, yeah, I can actually see where you're coming from’ and then have more peace with each other and ourselves, and not react.”

16:26 - How are our beliefs created, and how do they dictate our life choices?

“When we internalize, that becomes our belief system, we actually take on other people's expectations, or structural paradigms, that really then tell us from the subconscious out, what we can and can't do, or should or shouldn't do.”

21:35 - Forgiveness and breaking generational cycles

“No one leaves childhood unscathed… And so why should we forgive the other? Because they only did it to us out of their own ignorance. And by hurting us, they don't realize that they hurt themselves in the same process.

25:57 - What is the value of healing and transforming limiting beliefs? 

“When we untangle and free up these limiting beliefs and turn around going, ‘Okay, I can actually do this’, it feels lighter, it feels freer, and we're more able to do what we want to do. And we have less negative emotions attached to things. So we raise our vibration, we actually feel happier, we feel more content.”

33:21 - Simple strategies to help shift away from limiting beliefs

“Everything really is just is, it's only when we judge it and label it as good or bad that it is so. So it's, having self awareness... and being mindful, being present, asking good quality questions, being very compassionate to yourself.”

40:37 - What is the “ultimate goal”?

“Who do you want to be known for, as in your legacy? Not a goal as such, as in to achieve a thing. But it's a character that you want to be. It should be the goal.”

45:53 The danger of separation

“It's easy for most people to dismiss their role, their part as if they're not a part of society, you know. But the problem is that we're cruel to ourselves, we hate ourselves, you know, we tear apart ourselves, and then that is projected outward to the other.”

54:31 - How Leah stays Living In Truth

“My mission is really to help give people permission to be themselves too. And that’s something I had to learn.”


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