2.9 Returning to Self with Nicole Sublette

Season #2

Nicole Sublette is a licensed clinical mental health counselor and women’s empowerment coach. In this episode, we dive into energetic alignment, gratitude, the benefits of healing from trauma, and how science is helping us bridge the gap between an esoteric understanding of “energy” and principles we can apply to our daily life. Nicole’s other credentials include being a certified hypnotherapist, reiki master, integrative medicine provider, and a doctoral candidate in bioenergetic medicine (to name just a few) which makes for a very interesting conversation you won’t want to miss!


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Episode Highlights:

00:04:15 - About Nicole

00:05:27 - How Nicole made the shift from in-person practitioner to an online program

00:07:09 - The biggest misconceptions around energy work

“We don't have to think about blinking, we don't have to think about our heart beating, that just happens, but what power is that? It's the energy of the body in its own capacity and its own intelligence.”

00:08:08 - How we can apply the concept of energy and frequency to daily life 

00:12:20 - The science behind gratitude

“Gratitude is the highest state of receivership, you know… you can't be both in a space of receiving, and at the same time defending. Gratitude takes you out of that defense posture, which means now you have to move out of the fight or flight state.”

00:15:06 - How do we get into energetic alignment?

00:17:04 - Why healing from trauma and ancestral wounds improves our quality of life and decreases our susceptibility to disease.

00:20:23 - What is holding women back from experiencing freedom and happiness?

“We women actually think that there's something wrong with us. But we've internalized it to believe that there's something wrong with us, when it's actually society telling us and feeding us these messages constantly that were less than and inadequate.”

00:25:28 - Nicole’s biggest personal takeaway from being a psychotherapist 

00:27:42 - What’s the difference between hypnotism and hypnotherapy?

00:29:48 - What drives Nicole’s passion for female empowerment and her vision for change

“When we can actually tap into ourselves, we can actually tap into our greatness and are tapped into our greatness, we're actually just happened to be resonant with the planet that we live on. And we can live in design and create the life of our dreams… and it's an absolutely beautiful thing.”

00:33:26 - The power in understanding ourselves on a deeper level

00:41:10 - How accelerated transformation program helps women liberate their mind, body and soul


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