2.10 Navigating Bonus Parenthood with Theia Marie

Season #2

Theia Turner is an author and entrepreneur who is on a mission to help bonus parents and step-parents navigate and define their roles in a way that is authentic to them. Parenting is already tough, but being in a relationship with somebody who already has children can put you in a unique position as you figure out your involvement in what can be a challenging blended family dynamic. In this episode, we discuss different parenting and co-parenting approaches, Theia’s passion for helping women understand their role and set boundaries that are healthy for them, and how our experiences and pain can be our gain. 


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Episode Highlights

00:01:45 - Some facts about blended families and how prevalent they are in the US 

00:06:21 - Introducing our guest, Theia

00:09:04 - Defining the role of “bonus parent”

00:12:50 - Navigating through the challenges of co-parenting, and different parenting styles

00:15:43 - What is “Nacho” parenting and why some women choose it for their mental health

00:21:27 - Who Birthed From The Heart was written for 

00:26:26 - Why Theia is passionate about helping people in their bonus or stepparent journey 

00:28:42 - Choosing energetic alignment in a partnership

00:31:44 - Why Birthed From the Heart?

00:34:10 - Resources to help Bonus Parents be prepared and confident

00:38:40 - Our pain is our gain 

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