2.16 Everybody Dies But Not Everybody Lives with Felicia Miller Johnson

Season #2

“Everybody dies but not everybody lives.”

This is what Felicia Miller Johnson from Sevenfold Coaching learned and, as a result, she decided to live SMART, which changed her entire life. A gifted life coach, podcaster, author and influencer, Felicia shares how you can break the common stereotypes that society gives you and unlock your potential to achieve success. We also learn the difference between living SMART and working smart and the impact of impostor syndrome in our lives.

This is an episode that will give you that light bulb moment and keep you tuned in throughout.


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Episode Highlights

0:15 Introduction to our guest, Felicia.

3:19 Felicia’s realization about her life before.

8:01 Felicia shares how she figured out what she wants and how to get it.

9:54 How the word “should” disempowers people.

11:09 The meaning of living SMART.

“See yourself and awaken. Master your emotions. Ask, believe and receive. Relax, relate and release and talk widely.”

“To see yourself is discovering more about who you are. A lot of people do not know who they are…  What are your character values? Where do you really excel? Learn more about who you are. Take the time to study ‘you’.”

“You have to tap into what you're feeling. Know the various types of feelings that you can experience. Most people might just be familiar with: happy, sad, mad. Others: bored, jealous, envious, fearful, doubtful. All those different things are feelings. A lot of times, you don't even know what a feeling is. You ask somebody how they feel. They won't give you a feeling word, they'll give you a description of a situation.”

31:22 Harry defines what FEAR is.

“FEAR is false evidence appearing real. We take that false evidence and we use that as the gospel truth.hen we never take the risks that we know we really want to take that are in our heart.”

33:18 What is impostor syndrome?

“Impostor syndrome is those feelings of self-doubt that mean you do not embrace your successes, you disregard them.”

36:38 Where we can find Felicia.

39:55 Harry’s key takeaway.


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