2.17 Awaken Your Greater Potential with Cordell Jacks

Season #2

In this week’s episode, we talk with our guest Cordell Jacks, who believes that our ability to work with our dreams is the most overlooked and under-utilized resource we have as a species. He has been studying Dream Work practices and lineages from around the world with some of the most respected and realized teachers for 20 years now. We learn about the two most important hours of the day. We also discuss that as we bring conscious awareness to our dreams, we bring conscious awareness to our unconscious pattern. Join us for this very interesting talk that you don’t want to miss.

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Episode Highlights

4:16 Introduction to our guest, Cordell Jacks

“As you so eloquently introduced, my name is Cordell Jackson, I'm coming to you from Vancouver Island. I'm 41 years old, and the father and husband and I've spent most of my career in social innovation, international development work, in social finance, in ocean plastics, and other big issues that I think have been important to me and some of the big existential issues of our times. Throughout my career, I've spent a lot of time on a personal passion project, which has been dreamwork. Trying to understand that this refers to the  places we go to every night, in the two hours that we spend dreaming, and really understand, why?”

4:22 Cordell’s perception of sleep.

"And as I've gone deeper and deeper and learned under many different traditions, and many teachers throughout my life, I've come to realize that a lot of the 1/3 of our life that we spend asleep is not downtime, but really a time for supra consciousness to go beyond our waking minds and to look at our life and our situations from new vantage points, new perspectives, and to really take advantage of those opportunities to give us greater choice.”

13:00 Cordell talks about how understanding ourselves is important

“You know, understanding ourselves is important. And if there's a lot of us and we know this, we know this from psychology, we know this from science, that most of our habits, most of our decisions, beliefs, attitudes, are all subconscious to us. We're making these decisions without conscious awareness, they become habits, they become ways of being.  Through Shadow Work and understanding what these triggers are, what are these reactions that we are walking through life with, is really important. I want to know all that's under there, that's part of me.”

15:34 Harry asks Cordell about what dreamwork is all about.

“Dream work is taking the time to honor those places we go to every single night of our lives to try to listen to what's coming through us. And to try and decipher what messages meaning or emotional stirrings, that these visions of the night cause.”

 17:32 Cordell discusses the two most important hours of the day and how we utilize those for our benefit.

“Now not all sleep is equal at the start of the night; we go through well throughout the night, we go through 90 minutes sleep cycles, every 90 minutes, we go into a REM cycle, that's the time when our body is paralyzed. As we move to those seven and eight hours of sleep, we're having up to about 20 minute periods of dream time; that's when you're more likely to remember your dreams, why you're more likely to remember your dreams in the morning close to when you wake up. And so these are the two most important hours, those two hours we spend in dream time because, again, they are teaching you what you can't learn while you're awake.”

19:00 The proper way of dream interpretation revealed

“There's a lot of different schools of thought on dream interpretation. And unlike modern day science, there's no right way. There's no one right interpretation of a dream. What I say is, when there's a good dream interpretation, it lets the dreamer see things for themselves that they hadn't otherwise seen. There's an ‘aha’ moment where they all of a sudden transcend their old meaning, and some new meaning comes, some new insight comes to them. And that's good dream interpretation.”

22:29 Dreams are your beautiful inner guidance system

“Your dreams are this beautiful inner guidance system every single night that if you slow down, if you take the time to listen to and if you start just a few minutes, every single day of reflecting on what you were dreaming about. What could that have possibly meant? That has a resonant effect throughout the rest of your waking day as you look for those signs, symbols and triggers and how you might transcend them in your waking life.”

24:38 Harry talks about how he interprets “Love thy neighbor as thyself.”

“This is how I understand the saying, Love thy neighbor as thyself, because for me, I see my neighbor as myself. I see my neighbor as an extension of myself, just another version, another journey. Another traveler on this journey to discover parts of who we are is just another version of myself, but we all come from the collective whole which is called love.” 

26:34 How understanding your dreams’ symbology brings conscious awareness

“However you make meaning in your life, whatever that synchronicity starts to show and you start to listen to it starts to flood you with more and more of that symbology, more and more of the things that you can resonate on that you can generate that energy. And again, more and more opportunities to bring conscious awareness to every present moment.”

28:44 Harry talks about how he started looking for people who resonates with him

30:54 Cordell also shares how he transitioned from being a finance guy to becoming a dream coach

39:24 Perspective shifting can help move your reality

40:34 Cordell offers his FREE Seven-day Dream Recall Challenge offered on Facebook

42:00 Closing

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