2.18 Finding True Happiness with Vernon Brown

Season #2

In this week’s episode, we talk with our guest Vernon Brown from Richmond VA, the owner and founder of What’s Your Happi? LLC, a hands-on Happiness coaching practice designed around an individual’s true happiness. We learn how we are being disconnected from other people. We also discuss how to handle situations more easily by walking people through situations. Join us for this very interesting talk that you don’t want to miss.

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Episode Highlights

4:16 Introduction to our guest, Vernon Brown.

“I have a very special guest, Mr. Vernon Brown. Vernon Brown’s work has touched the lives of hundreds of entrepreneurs who have doubled their business beyond six figures, not at, not right below it, but beyond six figures. Vernon has helped save countless personal relationships in the process. He challenges businesses to think more expansively while maintaining their integrity to increase profits and personal growth. He ties the professional to the personal and helps amplify all of it.”

5:29 Vernon believes that success is not an accident.

“Many times you hear people say phrases like imposter syndrome. They'll question whether their success was just luck, or whether it can happen again. The message I send to my audience is that you have got to make sure that you are so intentional about what your metrics for success are, that you can do it over and over and over and over again, with anything.

6:33 When do you engage and disengage?

“It is important to recognize how someone is feeling before you engage, maybe you need to understand and maybe create some distance. So it's about checking in.”

7:46 What is the Happi Dance?”

“The Happi Dance is all about being excited about the fact that you found a way to connect, you found a way to expand and that's what you are happy about….. And what you have is about building and putting together, you know, your masterpiece, what tools you're given, not what you don't have.”

14:43 Some people believe that a conversation is a confrontation.

“Confrontation pulls people apart and can make them defensive or offensive. Conversation should bring people together. Try to make sure that it's kind and caring, not hurtful and diminishing.”    

18:47 Vernon shares his perception about Name-calling. 

27:05 Vernon talks about how to handle your own perception.

36:58 Individuality and the feeling of being separate from one another explained.       

40:20 Harry talks about Shadow Work.

“Knowing how you operate, knowing your algorithm, and then staying, forming a plan and approach to life around that algorithm is absolutely essential.”

42:42 Vernon presents his new course.

42:00 Closing.


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