2.20 Choose Your Suffering with Terry Tucker

Season #2

Terry Tucker is a motivational speaker and author on a mission to put as much goodness, positivity, motivation and love back into the world as he possibly can. Despite a grueling ten-year battle with cancer, Terry refuses to be a victim and chooses to help people in their pursuit to lead extraordinary lives.

Join us for our season finale as we discuss leaning into our discomfort and living our purpose. Plus, hear Terry’s incredible story of resilience and the four truths he chooses to live by.

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Episode Highlights

2:37 - Harry and Terry discuss the power of choice 

“Pain is inevitable. Suffering, on the other hand, suffering is optional. Suffering is what you do with that pain.”


5:31 - Terry’s diverse employment background and how he had to choose between following his passion and making his father happy as a young man

“I did that because I know my dad did what he did for me out of love, certainly not out of spite. And I didn't want to hurt him anymore as he was dying.” 


11:49 - The events leading up to Terry’s diagnosis, and what became a nine year battle with a rare form of cancer

“We always want to blame somebody for things in life that don't go our way. We never want to take responsibility for our own success and happiness… I didn't blame anybody.”


18:48 - How being part of something bigger keeps Terry mentally strong

“It's not about you, it's about us and us together can do anything we set our minds to.”


22:53 - What Terry is choosing to do with the time he has left

“'When you were born, you cry, and the world rejoiced. Live your life in such a way so that when you die, the world cries and you rejoice.' That's what I'm looking for.”


24:49 - Harry and Terry discuss selfishness and authenticity 

“So in  those states of selfishness, we are ourselves, but not quite ourselves… What I call ‘not self’ is that space where we get into where we're triggered based off of our fears.”


27:00 - How leaning into our pain and discomfort can help us live true to our purpose 

“My pain is going to end someday…. But if we quit, if we give up, if we give in, pain will always be part of our lives.”


32:05 - You only need to take one step at a time to win the day 

“What if you got 1% better every day? At the end of 30 days, you're 30% better than when you started.”


35:42 - How doing what you’re called to do can help bring assurance to life (and death) 

“The consciousness, the creator, God, whatever…. He's not done with me yet. And when he is, I'm good with that. Because I found my purposes in life, and I live them.”


38:50 - Terry shares the four powerful truths that he lives by. 

“Find what your truths are in life, and live those truths.”


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Keywords: Overcoming adversity, cancer, self-compassion, making the choice, drawing strength from pain, faith, authenticity 


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