The Power of Podcasting with Phil Pelucha

Season #2

We're back with a very special bonus episode that is sure to inspire entrepreneurs who are looking to express their truth and share their authentic message through podcasting. Phil Pelucha is the founder of Billionaires in Boxers, where he coaches businesses to achieve celebrity status in their industry through networking, podcasts, summits and TV. 

In this raw and real episode, you'll learn how to create the most leverage with your time, build strategic alliances, and how "your vibe attracts your tribe" applies to all aspects of your life - including business. If you're a coach, thought leader or business owner wanting to create an impact, you won't want to miss our conversation with Phil.

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Episode Highlights: 

02:54 - "And then our other side of our business, because I'm still very passionate about it, is our micro business and solopreneurs. It's working with coaches and people who are ready to become that authority that influence and showing them how they can get off that cashflow rollercoaster by introducing these things." 

04:03 - "Your vibe attracts your tribe... I must say at least 10 times a day. It's kind of like the core that runs through our business... But the two stats that I'm most proud of are between our business and our clients. We did just shy of $10 million worth of additional revenue with $0 in ad spend $10 million worth of additional revenue with $0 in ad spend."

06:11 - "The power of podcasting is not in the audience. That's where everybody thinks it is, but it's not. The power of podcasting is built by having a VIP backstage pass to network with whoever you want to network with within that industry. So if you now start to think of this as a networking tool that you can speak to anybody you want to, you can be mentored for free by anybody that you want to work with."

11:33 - "Time is your most valuable commodity, and you're just gonna give it away. Like you wouldn't spend $50,000 on Facebook ads without a strategy. So why would you start podcasting without a strategy? When time is so much more valuable than money?"

17:40 - "The whole 'your vibe attracts your tribe' thing appeals to every aspect of your life, it appeals to your friendship group. You know, it appeals to your investors that appeals to your customers. It appeals to the people you employ to work with you, it appeals to your partners, right? You have to learn to trust that thing inside that intrinsic guts, action and gut reaction."

19:21 - "You keep saying yes to the wrong opportunities. Life recognizes and goes ugh, he'll just do anything. Let's just keep giving him this. Some really careful because the intention that you put out there is what it is that you're going to get back."

20:57 - "When you have multiple people on the same frequency... you don't lose, you give, but there's no losing. In the sharing, you're merely sharing and you build each other up, y'all share back and forth, and you amplify each other."

22:41- "Law of Reciprocity is one of the greatest laws that you could ever implement into your life and into your business."

26:39 - "The only way you can attract those people into your life is by being bold enough and brave enough to say goodbye to the people that aren't right."

28:14 - "I'm talking about if somebody isn't right for you, not keeping them around just because of the title that was bestowed on them at birth...

... I then married a South African, Indian Muslim, and he instantly had a problem with me, because I've married somebody outside of our faith."

32:53 - "I believe that this concept of toxicity is nonsense. I believe that it is a fad that must die immediately. Because there's nothing I can declare true for you and not declared that same thing true for me. We all can have toxicity inside of us. That doesn't make us toxic people."

 35:29 "Definitely align yourself with people who are evenly yoked people on the same frequency with you. So that one day you can wake up with groceries in your damn house. Without you ever asking for it. You get people in your life that are supplying your needs without you even telling them what your needs are.

37:58 - "If you want to get better financially, if you want to get better terms of business, if you want to get better in terms of happiness, if you want to get better in terms of health, surround yourselves with six people who are going to give you the vibrations in order to facilitate that. That's the only secret you need."


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