How To Attract Your Soulmate & A Love You Deserve - Part I

Season #2

Are you putting out the right energy to attract the love you deserve? We've got a very special guest, Nicole Sublette, returning to the show to discuss the energetics of love, and how you can attract your soulmate into your life in this 3-part series.

Nicole is a licensed clinical counsellor, certified hypnotherapist, reiki master, integrative medicine provider, and a doctoral candidate in bioenergetic medicine. She is also an empowerment coach who supports women with being their best versions of themselves, specifically, healing from toxic relationships.

In Part 1, we discuss...

01:38 - What is a soulmate?

"A soulmate is one of those collisions that then serve as a catalyst ultimately for you to transform maybe physically, mentally, as well as spiritually..."

03:44 - The first step of manifesting love

"Because if we just go blindly, and we don't really know what we want, then we're going to attract anything in because the thing is, we're people, and we're magnetic ... we're constantly attracting things, we're attracting in the good, we're attracting the bad, the positive and the negative. So we have to be super conscious about our intentions."

05:08 - It starts with Self

"All of us have to begin with an aura alignment, energetic alignment. What we understand who we are as energetic beings, and then understand what it is that we are attracting based off of who we are."

07:36 - Understanding our addition to safety

"If we don't feel safe in a connection, that may not be because of that connection. It may be because that pain, that discomfort is there to make us aware of something that is unresolved within us, because we could be living in the present but still existing in the past."

08:52 - Healing unresolved trauma

"Step one for us to really attract what we desire, is that we need to match the frequency of what we desire. So we need to match the frequency of love."

10:34 - The loneliness epidemic & vulnerability

"Many of us are experiencing excruciating loneliness; understand that there's a difference between the physical state of being alone and loneliness. Loneliness is an experience and emotional experience, typically, but the alone is a physical state of being and so many of us are experiencing loneliness in spite of be even being in crowds."

14:20 - Our past creates our patterns

"When we have what is called adverse childhood experiences, we can have disrupted attachment. And we can learn false views about ourselves at a very young age."

18:44 - Dealing with repressed emotions

"When we repress it, that energy still continues in motion, but in ways that are unconscious and unseen to us. And this is why many of us or some of us may struggle with with having connections or maintaining connections."

22:47 - Getting into energetic alignment

"When we're working with someone on this level, they can serve as mirrors, and they can help us even identify the blind spots we have, they can help us identify if we're moving into the repeating the same cycles, unknowingly."

27:35 - The process of S.H.I.I.T

"That's just one of the mechanisms that I put together to help people understand that, really, we do have to analyze our thoughts, we have to think about our thoughts. Awareness is key ignorance and freedom can't coexist."

29:02 - Fill your cup first

"When we are like a fire, like a bonfire and we're illuminated, we can actually spread our light to the world when we're feeling diminished and depleted, then we're only offering sparks."

33:27 - Responding from love over fear

"And the moment that you realize that you're attracting takers, know that when you change that behavior I've given them take is gonna leave where they need to leave, they need to leave because they're not aligned with you."

36:47 - The illusion of lack 

"We live in an illusion of incompleteness. And so we often seek relationships outside of us to validate ourselves."

39:24 - Intentionality reflects relationship

"First, thought. And then you align words, and then you align deeds, because the deed, which you do, what you are intentional about responding to, reflects your relationship with that thing."

44:56 - Recap

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