How To Attract Your Soulmate & A Love You Deserve - Part III

Season #2

Are you putting out the right energy to attract the love you deserve? We've got a very special guest, Nicole Sublette, returning to the show to discuss the energetics of love, and how you can attract your soulmate into your life in this 3-part series.

Nicole is a Licensed Clinical Therapist, Certified Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master, Certified Integrative Mental Health Professional, and a Doctoral candidate in Bioenergetic Medicine. She is also an Empowerment Coach who supports women with being their best versions of themselves, specifically, healing from toxic relationships.

In Part 3, we discuss...

00:25 - Being deserving of love

"When we go through situations, especially challenging ones, we tend to judge ourselves based off of these situations, which is not the act of love at all."

01:45 - The energy of love

"So to attract love in your life, it's important that you look at your energetic alignment, and you look at your aura in your ask yourself, Am I embodying that energy of love?"

03:10 - Fear, expectations and recognizing our own needs

"We often tend to place a series of expectations... outcomes and desires as to what we want, how we want the other person to be, how we want the other person to show up. And then when that doesn't work out, that way, we then name it as unloving."

05:32 - Getting in tune with the vibration of love

"Love places no conditions on us, we don't have to be a certain kind of way, you know, to to be deserving of love... love is and it accepts us as is."

09:05 - Raising your frequency to become magnetic

"The longer that you stare into that space, the longer that you stand in that room of higher vibrations, the more that you are refueling in energetically aligning your energetic field your aura to that vibration of love. Because whatever we stare at becomes a reality because perception is reality."

11:44 - Cognitive flexibility

"When you begin to identify these mechanisms that the inner critic use to keep us safe... we begin to understand that that awareness is key - key to being liberated from our own biological built in defense mechanism of deception."

13:59 - Healing ourselves so we can show up fully for others

"It's hard to show up for someone else, when you don't know how to show up for yourself. And then we can ask ourselves, How can we give of ourselves when we don't think that we're anything worth giving?"

20:45 - Radical acceptance

"So if we're practicing those resonant states of love, peace, joy and gratitude, we can really move through any space, any relationship. It doesn't mean that it's going to always be easy, it doesn't mean that we're not going to face difficulties. But what it does mean is that we can move through these spaces with increased resiliency, increased openness and increased compassion. And that ultimately, what we find is that all that we desire to experience is that we can truly align with that within ourselves."

 23:24 - The true gift of love


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