How To Attract Your Soulmate & A Love You Deserve - Part II

Season #2

Are you putting out the right energy to attract the love you deserve? Last week we dove deep into the importance of self-love and doing the inner work. We're joined again by Nicole Sublette, a licensed clinical counsellor, certified hypnotherapist, reiki master, integrative medicine provider, and a doctoral candidate in bioenergetic medicine. She is also an empowerment coach who supports women with being their best versions of themselves, specifically, healing from toxic relationships.

In Part 2, we discuss...

04:34 - Understanding internalized oppression

"Understand that when it comes down to being loving towards yourself, and that you have to also love those things that you yourself have deemed as unlovable."

06:26 - The psychology of fear-based thinking

"At the top of that, when the oppressor has done its job is for the person to instantly shame themselves oppress themselves and think that it is a them thing. But it's actually part of the system... a lot of things that we have been conditioned to are not love based, but indeed rather fear based."

09:54 - Recognizing & healing generational patterns

"Part of loving is to one is to identify some of the patterns that we have in our families... or that our caretakers gave to us, and it's looking at those patterns and looking at what patterns are conducive towards our health, and our vibrancy, and what patterns actually take away from us."

12:55 - Why we might feel unlovable

"If you can't accept love from yourself, how can you ever expect to accept love from anybody else? You see, whenever we fall into this pattern of compulsively seeking love from the outside, that is a representation of a lack of love from the inside, but we can't meet our needs from the outside. That is an inner world problem, not an outer world problem."

18:33 - Subconscious conditioning & projecting

"And what we're actually doing is, there is actually an issue within us that we're seeing reflected in another. And that's why it triggers us that's why irritates us. And that's why it upsets us."

21:50 - What to do when you're triggered

"Oftentimes, when we're triggered in a relationship, we're not even actually responding and present moment, oftentimes, we're responding in past moments, we're actually living in the past."

26:40 - How cognitive flexibility can help us develop confidence

"A big part of connection is being emotionally intelligent enough, to be confident enough, to navigate during situations. Confidence is this ability to engage in connection, engage in relationships, knowing that you may stumble along the way but still have the confidence that anything that's damaged can be repaired."

29:04 - Experiencing a state of self-love 

"Self love is not necessarily a conscious way of thinking, it is a subconscious way of thinking. And it's also, most importantly, it is a way of feeling, and it is a way of being."

32:04 - How to effectively practice affirmations to manifest love

"The subconscious mind is incredibly powerful, and it will accept pretty much any truth or image that you submit to it without question. But you must act, you must be able to align these vibrations of love and you must affirm your reality of love if you plan on attracting love."

40:30 - Navigating expectations and finding our truth

"Every relationship, every relationship, not just romantic, is an opportunity for learning. It's an opportunity for growth. And it is an opportunity for us to learn about ourselves.

44:14 - The illusion of expectations

"Understand that to expect is to wait or anticipate to wait with anticipation. And if you're waiting for anticipation, for a specific outcome, that no doubt will lead to anxiety, or the bodily experience of fear."


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