Go With The Flow with Felicia Miller Johnson

Season #2

IS THAT SOO presents, "Friday Night Enlightenments" with one of our very special guests from Season 2, Felicia Miller Johnson, Intuitive Life Coach and Webcaster. In this mini-series, we talk about living authentically and discuss what causes us to feel attached to an outcome. We explore what could result if we became more flexible, and how we can show up to meet unexpected changes. Harry closes off Part 1 with a relaxing meditation to help you go with the flow.

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01:22 - What does it mean to go with the flow?

"We want perfection, but then we have to let go of that illusion of perfection, because our perfectionism is no more than this illusion that we have to change something about ourselves in order to belong."

03:55 - How mental rigidity prevents us from adapting

"As Einstein said tomorrow's problems can't be solved with today's thinking, how are we evolving? What are we doing to be intentionally purposeful about evolving and growing with this new present moment and its demands?"

05:11 - What causes someone to feel attached to an outcome?

"Wherever attention goes, energy flows wherever you place your awareness that that's where you are."

08:37 - What does it mean to transmute, transform and transcend?

"In that moment where you choose to lean into your discomfort, and you choose to go through it, that's you beginning that process of that coal becoming a diamond."

 11:35 - What becomes possible when we are more flexible?

"Too many of us are still holding on to the old 'I ams' and won't let it go because we're too rigid. So cognitive flexibility, from a scientific standpoint, it allows you to adapt to change, it makes you the fittest."

15:26 - How can we show up to meet unexpected changes? 

"All that, maybe is to be able to free up space and capacity for you to be allowing that individual to go and explore, and come up and let new people come into their life versus you leaving somebody behind."

21:33 - Using Aquamarine for healing, meditation, and opening the throat chakra

"The throat chakra has much to do with our true authentic voice where faith and understanding combine... when the throat chakra is in harmony, we speak our truth where we say what we mean and mean what we say. We express ourselves easily, creatively and authentically."

25:03 - Why speaking our truth is not always easy

"The task of being authentic, it's not about doing it easy... It's about doing it anyway."

27:21 - Harry closes off with a "54321" Meditation

"Oftentimes, I say you must experience the experience in order to experience it. You don't have to physically move anywhere."

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