Create Your Own Luck with Felicia Miller Johnson

Season #2

IS THAT SOO presents, "Friday Night Enlightenments" with one of our very special guests from Season 2, Felicia Miller Johnson, Intuitive Life Coach and Webcaster. In part 2 of this mini-series, we explore the concept of "luck", universal laws, and how we can manifest the experiences we desire. We discuss why it's important to develop a plan of approach to life, and how we can stay open to opportunity and live with intention. 

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Episode Highlights

2:02 - About the crystal that inspired this week's theme, Green Aventurine

"Simply by changing your energy, you have the power to shape your own fate. The first step is to align your thoughts, beliefs, in energy with that of what you want."

3:31 - Harry's thoughts on luck

"I'm not lucky, any successes people see in me is because I've been unreasonable. I have not settled for what other people say is reasonable for me, because that's what we deem to be reasonable in the first place."

5:59 - What does "luck" actually mean?

"When we don't understand that thing, we chalk it up to superstition. And no matter how brilliant the human mind is, we can't contemplate the way that life moves. I mean, it moves in mysterious ways."

8:13 - Creating our own luck when it comes to job interviews

"Ask those powerful questions, so you don't feel as though that you just got lucky in a position."

 11:47 - Abundance, universal laws and showing up 

"A life of authenticity is the life of skillfully practicing living through your values. It's skill building, it's practicing, it's choosing every single moment, and every single day."

16:22 - Staying open to opportunity

"Know that that experience, the thrill, the excitement, the life that you want to experience, that you can experience that in different ways doesn't have to look the way that you expected it to look or the way that you want it to look. But you have to be open."

19:31 - Using green aventurine to invite luck into our lives and connect with what we really want.

"That's really the luck that it's talking about, which, for me, is life conspired in your favor. You move intentionally,"

 23:01 - Life conspires in our favor when we align with our truth

"We wouldn't be as intentional as we are, if we didn't have faith in ourselves that we could experience exactly what it is that we chose to experience for ourselves. Life loves that."

 26:10 - Felicia closes with practice for manifestation

"There's a power in the magic to when you take what it is that you want. And then you write that down. And then you think about that."

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