Start Fresh with Felicia Miller Johnson

Season #2

IS THAT SOO presents, "Friday Night Enlightenments" with one of our very special guests from Season 2, Felicia Miller Johnson, Intuitive Life Coach and Webcaster. In the final episode of this mini-series we talk about how you can start fresh, regardless of where you are in life or what you aspire to do. We break down what keeps us stuck, and how we can make new choices to move forward and lead a life of authenticity.

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Felicia's Book: Do you feel like a fraud?: A certified life coach's guide to help you recognize and overcome impostor syndrome

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Episode Highlights:

04:15 - What does a "fresh start" actually mean?

"I don't believe in fresh starts because every moment is fresh, I believe in fresh choices."

"If we're gonna make new choices, a fresh start, and you're trying to create a new pathway, then that you got to do something different than what you did before, which requires you to go into the unknown or the uncertain."

08:30 - How can someone make a fresh start when it comes to relationships?

"When we accept where we are currently, then we understand that those choices that we made in the past, they've had expiration dates... And we haven't updated the software of our system, being our mind, to understand where we are at this present time."

 12:15 - Why making new choices feels so hard 

"We've created rules around how to behave that keep us locked in a certain pattern."

13:13 - Saying goodbye to our old stories

"When you're talking about how to say goodbye, what you're referring to is attachment... It is the nature of the mind to attach itself to things if we stare at it long enough."

16:52 - Fresh starts can arise from unexpected opportunities 

"I know that when a crisis happens, the symbolic representation of a crisis is a combination of the words: danger, and opportunity. So even though I was afraid... I lean into that discomfort and decided to do what I could do."

"That's sometimes how people get to a fresh start, is something happens in their life, that exposes them to something different."

20:45 - What keeps us stuck 

"When you look at mental health, you can see mental rigidity across the board and all mental health disorders."

23:11- Why we're afraid to take risks and do things differently

"The thing about imposter syndrome is, underneath all of that is that most people experience imposter syndrome are really successful. They just deny this success. They don't own it. They disregard it."

"I know you want to protect me and have the reservation so I can be safe. But I am going forth into this next expansion of what I need to go into."

28:24 - Harry breaks down 'intentionality reflects relationship'

"Everything is energy. And wherever you pour your awareness, your energy, wherever attention goes, energy flows."

"We are always in the process of creating and even indecision is a decision within itself, because when we are indecisive, we choose to remain in the familiar past."

30:25 - How to go after your dream, regardless of what it is

"All I need to do is let life know I'm gonna continue to respond to this. And I will not stop responding to that, until I experience what it is that I chose and life will honor that."


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