3.1 Shadow Series - "Triggers" with Michael Padurano

Season #3

In our Season 3 premiere, we are speaking with Michael Padurano, a business coach and guide for leaders who is on a mission to elevate humanity through knowledge and understanding. We discuss the great impact that doing inner work can have not only on ourselves, but on society as a whole. We also how our triggers are a tool for deeper understanding, how our educational systems our failing us, and how corporate America can invoke real change within their organizations. 



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Episode Highlights

02:22 - Michael speaks on his experience building companies and starting his journey.

“I don't have the credentials that everybody else has. I don't have the traditional education. I have experience. And I've made enormous global companies…. I've built businesses from nothing.”

03:38 - What is Shadow Work?

“For me, Shadow Work is digging into the darkness that exists within us.”

04:56 - Energetic alignment and finding our truth.

“Until we can align ourselves, live into our true soul centered soul purpose, then we're never going to find true happiness, we're never going to find true joy. We're never going to give ourselves permission to be exactly who we are.”

07:29 - Doing Shadow Work requires unlearning and questioning where we place our values.

“The more time you spend with yourself -- like truly asking the questions to dive deeper, that your spirit seeks to answer for you -- you learn more about yourself, and that truth then begins to liberate you or set you free from things that you've been holding yourself bound to, but didn't realize it.”

09:33 - Our journeys are as unique as we are.

“We're not made for everyone, we're made for who we fit with. And our clients, our business, our people will resonate and come to us.”

12:37 - How can shadow work cultivate an environment that is the remedy to escapism and chasing superficial ideals?

“What happens is, as you're going layer by layer within it, you start noticing how people around you start shifting. Because something changes, your vibration changes … as you're transitioning through layer and layer and layer, if you continue to keep going, there is no limit.”

14:45 - Developing Inner-standing on our triggers.

“I don't believe it's it's your responsibility to not trigger me, I believe it's my responsibility to thank you for the opportunity to be triggered, so that I can do some further exploration on why that trigger is even still there”

18:37 - Seeing triggers manifested in real time (Oscars 2022)

“It’s not about fault. Now, it's about understanding that two worlds collided.”

25:31 - How we can stop playing into the victim-villain cycle perpetuated by society and the media.

“When we become self aware… we can pick up on our patterns and behaviors. When we pick up on our patterns and behaviors, we can start noticing the dynamics that we create. When we start noticing the dynamics that we create, then we have to look at why we create it. Once we look at why we create the dynamics, we can start healing. But we have to get to the core reason we create these dynamics.”

27:08 - How our education system sets our children up to seek outside validation - instead of reinforcing their own value and worth.

“All we do is shame people. All we do is take their power away from them. This society destroys humanity. Because you're taking the human, you're taking the creativity, you're taking the spirituality out of our beings, and you're turning us into robots, memorization tools.”

32:07 - The real reason behind the Great Resignation, and what companies can do about it.

“Why are people leaving? Because they don't feel valued, sort of heard and seen.”

“You are not a title. You are just as much a human being is the person next to you.”

38:43 - How introspective work can heal society

“What if we have a society full of free thinkers? That all they want is the best for each other, no matter what your differences are, and they are actively healing their own traumas and others traumas, just by existing? It's not about utopia… It's a balance in life.”

42:46 - Harry sums up the transformation that doing Shadow Work provides.

“The past is for reference, not residence, and Shadow Work assist you in making sense of that past, gaining your truth so you can get a deeper understanding, and an inner-standing, a knowing of who you truly are. And then moving forward with more integration, self integration and more self leadership and authority in life, and then truly begin to manifest what it is that you truly seek.”



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