3.3 Shadow Series - "Alchemy, The Process of Transformation" with Vi Vi Thai

Season #3

Welcome to Season 3 of the "Is That SOO?" podcast, Shadow Series.

This is S3:E3 with a special guest, ViVi Thai. She is an author, explorer, and Alchemist. I invite you to join us as we take you on a journey . . . in a van.  But I can assure you it is a ride you won't forget. Red Pill or Blue Pill?  Which would you choose?

“Understanding the stages of the alchemical process can help us navigate through life by looking at the circumstance we're in at a higher perspective with a different point of view so that we know where we are and where we're heading while not attaching ourselves to an outcome.” - "Living through Alchemy" - Vi Vi Thai



0:10 - Intro to this episode.

"the theme of this season three is shadow work or how to do that inner healing and really dive down and do that introspection. . ."

2:00 - Vivi Thai

"She is the writer, a truth seeker healer, and fearlessly determined to live a free lifestyle regardless of other people's opinions. She is author of the book Living through Alchemy, I purchased a book and I gotta say that it's quite an interesting read."

7:15 - The pressure to be the best.

"And so I felt the expectation to be the best of myself, to have the best degrees and the best school to have the best job at the most prestigious hospitals in the country."

"If I was going to lose the job, there was no grace period that they would allow you to stay and search for another employment. And it just it was already not very easy to find an employment that would sponsor you H1B visa."

13:10 - The formula for building confidence.

"You know, my idea that oh yes, I wanted to be a nomad. And traveling around Southeast Asia was just so liberating. And it helps me to reconnect with my roots. And it helps me to finally find my confidence and find my freedom again, after leaving the States . . "

"There's a formula to everything. Just like a formula to water is h2o, the formula for confidence is one part courage, one part competence. And the other part is self compassion."

18:00 - A second chance to start a new life.

"So I waited for about one and a half year and they approved me and they gave me the green card. So this was my chance of starting over. That's how I look at Canada is like giving me a second chance to start my life."

23:36 - Living in a van for two years.

"And occasionally, I got people yell at me, because they think that I was homeless. And they think that I was trying to take over the parking space in their neighborhood. Because it was an upscale neighborhood. And I was actually working there in the neighborhood. I needed to park there regularly. But but because they just see that I have a big van, big camper van. So they're like, "are you homeless and living in an upscale neighborhood?" People were actually watching me and one time they even called police on me."

27:53 - Why COURAGE has to be a part of your equation?

"And they have the the vision or the dream of being free like a free spirit like me as well. But the only is afraid of losing their job or leaving giving their family behind or leaving their spouse or their boyfriends and girlfriends and all that. So everyone keeps coming up to me and say I want to live by you. But I don't think I can detach myself from all of those things in order to be free."

"Lao Tzu, this is where he says "it's only when I let go of who I am, that I become who might be." That space when something is telling you that it is time to change. It is time for you to choose you. There's going to be this tension there. This and I call that tension or what that tension can be referred to as is a liminal space."

32:11 - The decision to leave her job in Vancouver.

"But my family because they very traditional, conservative, Asian kind of people. So mindset of very different than me, because I was living on my own when I was 17 in the state. So in some way, a more liberal, more like open minded kind of person. I'm definitely the black sheep regardless in my family. But it took a long time for them to come to terms with the fact that this is my lifestyle."

38:41 - Understanding the physical process of alchemy.

"And it happens to everything because everything has to transmute, everything has to transform, and we are part of the universe we are part of nature as well as so we also have to transform we also have to transmute."



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