3.6 Shadow Series "The Mind Quotient & Facing Your Shadows"

Season #3

S3:E6 of Is That SOO? Shadow Series continues with another powerful Creator and Light Warrior. It is my pleasure to introduce you to the Creator of "The Mind Quotient-Mastery of Your Mind", Coach Nami. This is an amazing and inspiring episode. 

"We are filling the world with light by providing every single human being the tools to bring themselves out of the dark. As CEO of the organization, I tell my true life story of how I brought myself up from rock bottom with not my IQ, not my EQ, but my MQ - mastering my mind, focusing on myself and finding my light. In order to do that I had to get to know and understand the darkness inside and understand how to fill it with light." - Coach Nami



0:10 - Facing your shadows.

3:23 - The darkness inside of me.

8:10 - It’s me wherever you go.

12:02 - The space of non-selfness.

17:01 - How to deal with tough times.

21:39 - How to become an outlier.

26:26 - Synchronicity and the mind-quotient.

30:49 - Plan of approach to life.

35:00 - It’s not you but who you are.

40:15 - We are here to learn our lessons.

You can't teach the children and not teach the parents, you have to teach the parents. You can't teach the parents and the children and not incorporate it into the corporations and companies and businesses can't do that and leave out the individuals.” Coach Nami


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I'll be leading a Masterclass on Friday, February 24th designed to assist you discover how your unique algorithm was formed, how it influences every aspect of your life, and how to identify the patterns and beliefs that may be holding you back from reaching your highest potential.

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