3.8 Shadow Series - "Using the Enneagram to Face Your Shadows"

Season #3

Welcome to Season 3, Episode 8 of SOO Shadow Series. In this episode I've welcomed back a specialist in the Mind-Body Connection.  In this episode we explore the personality test that is the Enneagram and how it can be used to become aware of and face the "parts" of us still hiding in the Shadows. 

"We are embodied souls. Our hearts, our emotions, and our spirituality all play a key role in making us whole humans. I am also a Certified Enneagram Coach. This ancient personality typing system gives us a window into some of your core motivations and the importance of integrating your heart, mind, and body." - Renee Bergmen


More Jewels from Renee Bergmen:

"So understanding the Enneagram has the power to give you more self-awareness, more self-forgiveness, and more compassion for yourself and others . . .

. . . when you're reading something, you're reading for knowledge, but a lot of times when you're listening, you're listening for enrichment. And so there's this interesting thing that happens when you listen to it. . .

We all need someone that's willing to come alongside us and say you're not too much. I love everything about you, even your broken side. And I'm willing to walk through things with you and your broken side, especially if you're willing to work . . .

So the Influencing Message, these are the positive ones. This might be sending a child to a quiet place to help them stop an inappropriate behavior, and they may feel alone at the time, but when they reconnect with the parent, they're reassured that their timeout was for a purpose and that they're loved and cherished."



0:09 - How the Enneagram can assist us in facing our Shadows.

4:15 - What is the Enneagram and how does it work?

8:53 - What is the Five? What is the Head Type?

13:59 - How do you become the number you are?

20:02 - The four styles of parenting and the three messages that matter.

24:30 - It’s not okay to be comfortable in the world.

30:32 - Body types are driven by instinct.

41:58 - What happens when you’re unhealthy? How do we hold those strings and start to see progress?



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