Mental Health and the 10 Commandments Part II

Season #3

Here's PART II of Sunday Sermons for our  series:  "Mental Health and the 10 Commandments" with my friends, Brandon Croucher and Jeff "The Real" McKoy.  On this one, we begin with the 5th Commandment, which some refer to as the 1st Promise Commandment, “Honour thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long upon the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee.”

"Small minds discuss people. Average minds discuss events. And great minds discuss people." 

Make no mistake, this is NOT your Sunday church service. This is a dialogue with expanded minds about an expanded awareness of practical mental wellness tips and spiritual principles that can be found in all spaces, at all times. I've invited two great minds to provide some #innerstanding. 




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I'll be leading a Masterclass on December 30th designed to assist you discover how your unique algorithm was formed, how it influences every aspect of your life, and how to identify the patterns and beliefs that may be holding you back from reaching your highest potential.


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I am a business & marketing coach. My primary niche & focus is helping faith-led entrepreneurs superimpose spirituality & faith with practical business systems to grow faster and earn more with less time, energy & effort.
  I have a proprietary system that I teach as a part of my framework, the Persuasive Influence of Ethical Communicative Expression, “The P.I.E.C.E. Formula” for short.

How to Find Brandon:  

Mental health advocate & CEO of Delight Cafe CBD, Brandon Croucher.  Their mission is to " . . provide nature-based CBD products that will give people relief from a wide range of health challenges and we deliver those products using environment-friendly packaging." Their belief is " . . that nature can provide us with what we need to live more peacefully together and that it is our obligation to protect the environment, so that nature can provide all of us healthy, sustainable natural solutions to health issues."

Brandon can also be found on his YouTube Channel.



0:11 - Honor your father and mother by being who you are.

1:59 - Not everyone has had the best experiences with their mother and father.

4:35 - Honor your parents by respecting them now.

7:44 - When you use a word a certain way, it changes how people see things.

12:38 - Don't kill anyone, don't kill any part of yourself.

15:09 - Do not kill any part of yourself.

17:51 - Don’t look at your neighbor and honor what they have.

20:49 - The problem is that most people aren’t aware that thoughts are real things, and they aren't aware that every thought that comes into their

22:41 - When you are not in alignment with your passions, you fall victim to mixed beliefs and mixed energies.

23:01 - Passion must yield to what is most prudent.

23:55 - "Condemnation does not liberate. It further oppresses." - Carl G. Jung

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