S4:E1 - Living In Truth with Joe Pomeroy

Season #4

Join Harry Turner, The Nocturnal Therapist, as he kicks off Season 4 of "Is That SOO?" with guest Joe Pomeroy. Joe shares his journey from building an eight-figure business to realizing the importance of being present for his family. Learn about his transformative 3D Framework (Discover, Decide, Do) and how it helps balance professional success with personal fulfillment. Embrace vulnerability, live authentically, and start living in truth.

Show Notes:

  • Overcoming facade and finding true success with a guest entrepreneur. (0:05)
  • Entrepreneur's journey from 8-figure company to realizing impact on family life. (5:06)
  • Avoiding responsibilities at home and realizing the importance of being present for family. (8:25)
  • Personal growth, shame, and self-awareness. (13:29)
  • Finding balance in work and personal life through intentionality and 3D framework. (16:56)
  • Living a three-dimensional life with values and vision to achieve lasting joy. (20:48)
  • Embracing change, growth, and intentionality for personal evolution. (27:46)
  • Trauma, vision, and permission to be an outlier. (31:07)
  • How past experiences shape our definitions of self and relationships. (35:45)
  • Interpreting reality, personal growth, and clarity. (41:11)
  • Embracing uncertainty and facing fears to find freedom. (44:57)
  • Balancing professional success and family harmony. (50:20)
  • Desiring and achieving goals, focusing on personal growth and self-awareness. (56:09)
  • Self-mastery through discipline and neural pathway formation. (1:00:28)
  • Living authentically, aligning with truth, and overcoming lies. (1:05:11)


Contact Information:

Connect with Joe Pomeroy for more insights and resources on intentional living and personal growth. Reach out to him via email at [email protected]. For exclusive content and a free resource, visit forwardwithjoe.com/SOOfree. You can also follow Joe's YouTube channel for inspiring videos and practical advice at youtube.com/@thejoepomeroy.

Dive Deeper with Joe Pomeroy:

For a more detailed exploration of the topics we discussed in this episode, visit our blog post: Living in Truth: A Journey with Joe Pomeroy. Here, you'll find more about Joe's inspiring journey of overcoming limiting beliefs, his insights on personal growth, and practical steps for living authentically. Join us as we explore Joe's experiences and wisdom, offering you valuable tips and motivation for your own path.