Reclaim Your Authenticity and Break Free from the Unconscious Patterns that Control Your Life

Discover the life-changing insights and practical skills to step into alignment with your true power and purpose and awaken your clarity, power, and compassion.

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Do you feel like you’re always just at the edge of what you want in life?

You’re constantly setting goals, but falling short. Seeing other people happy or living their life makes you feel resentful or jealous, and you wonder why things can’t just work out for you for once.

You’ve lost who you are, and feel like you’re sitting on the sidelines while everyone else makes their dreams come true.
You're STUCK, stagnant and feeling empty and totally disconnected.

Maybe you've done well in life, but deep down you wish you could live for yourself instead of catering to the expectations of others that you know just aren't fulfilling.

If any of this describes you, you might be wondering…

“What’s really holding me back?”

Most people think that it’s their fault - that they aren’t working hard enough, aren’t smart enough or are just unlucky.


Throughout life, we experience trauma & conditioning that causes us to push down the pain, shame and unwanted parts of ourselves deep into the darkness of our subconscious, creating our shadow

We become programmed to live within a comfort zone that keeps us disconnected from our abundant potential. We distract ourselves, self-sabotage, and create stories that we aren’t enough. We don’t learn how to process and deal with emotions in a healthy way, and all of this affects our ability to grow, transform and evolve. 

Shadows can show up anywhere in our lives. It’s a totally normal part of the human experience, but unless we facing them, we can end up settling for a pale imitation of the vibrant life we were meant to live.

How can you know if your shadow is affecting your life?

  • You find yourself looking at life through a rose-colored lens and the reality rarely ends up as you saw in your daydreams.
  • You’re a master of excuses, and often put things off or procrastinate, typically because you have so many great ideas you can't decide which one to do.
  • You long to connect with others, but aren't sure how nor do you put yourself "out there" to do so even though you really want to.
  • You avoid confrontation like the plague and seek  to appease others, sometimes at the expense of your own values, in order to maintain the relationship.
  • Certain things really trigger you, but you aren’t really sure why. 
  • You don’t feel like you’re worthy of your goals and dreams.
  • Your sense of self-worth comes from validation from others, rather than from within. 
  • You spend a lot of time numbing out, scrolling through Instagram or watching TV, which leads you to feeling even worse about yourself. 
  • You don’t take time to do the things you like, even though you know they will make you feel more fulfilled. 
  • You can’t stop thinking about the decisions and failures of the past…  “I was such a trainwreck” “Why did I do the things I did?” “Why am I the way that I am?”
  • You’ve been experiencing unexplained physical symptoms, like tense or achy muscles, headaches, or digestive issues.
If any of these resonated with you, I invite you to explore methods to Face Your Shadows.

Facing your Shadows gives you freedom from the unconscious patterns that control your life. 

By doing this work...

You’ll have the courage to take action and ask for what you want. You’ll own your choices, heal your wounds, and live your wholehearted truth

You’ll develop unshakable certainty in yourself, reclaim control of your emotions, be unaffected by judgement and negativity, and set yourself free from the trance of unworthiness

You will rise above fear and anxiety, strengthen your relationships, achieve a greater sense of abundance, and accomplish your goals with ease.


To Unlock Authenticity

FACING YOUR SHADOWS is a self-paced, 8-chapter course based on Jungian Theory and Universal Principles.

Guided by Certified Clinical Trauma Professional, Clinical Heart-Centered Hypnotherapist, and Certified Integrative Mental Health Professional Harry Turner, you’ll feel supported and equipped with the tools to understand your whole self, develop & grow, and become authentically you.

“It’s not about the knowledge, it’s about the knowing.”

Most personal development approaches focus on goal-setting, positive thinking, or reprogramming thoughts. While small changes can be created on a conscious level, deep, lasting transformation requires you to go deeper to the root of the issue. That’s why this program is a combination of inner work and implementation.

This work helps you tap into your authentic self by facing your shame and fear, shining a light of love and compassion on those parts, and reclaiming the power that you have been giving away.


Why Does it Happen?
What Kinds of Emotions Get Repressed?
Can It Really Lead to Physical Symptoms?
How Do I Know If I Have Repressed Emotions?
Is it Possible to Release them?

8 Examples of Negative Emotions
How Emotions Could Be Affecting Your Health
How to Identify Negative Emotions Right Now
Tips to Release Negative Emotions

What is Emotional Exhaustion?
What are the Symptoms of Emotional Exhaustion?
What Causes Emotional Exhaustion?
How to Treat Emotional Exhaustion

What Do Suppressed Emotions Cause?
3 Steps to Process Emotional Energy Stuck in Your Body
5 Simple Ways to Release Suppressed Emotions
What to Do After Feeling Your Feelings

7-Step Exercise to Release Emotional Turbulence

Why Is It So Hard to Cope With Emotional Pain?
Is Therapy Really Necessary for Emotional Pain?
Strategies to Release and Overcome Emotional Pain

The RAIN Practice
Emotional Mastery
Cultivating Positive Emotions
How to Master your Emotions

Understanding Good Mental Health
How to Improve Your Mental Health
5 Secrets to Create More Freedom and Abundance


Over the years, I’ve seen so many clients struggle to deal with their emotions and past trauma and it truly holds them back from living their full potential.. Which means if you never commit to this work, you’ll never fully realize the gifts that you’re meant to share with the world.

It’s for that reason I want to make sure I get this training to those who need it, so you can see yourself clearly, face your fears and reclaim your personal power.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Hypnotherapy can cost anywhere from $300 to $1000+ per session, and because this is an ongoing process it’s likely that you’ll need several sessions to fully integrate the work.

While I highly recommend working one-on-one with a licensed therapist - especially if you are dealing with severe trauma or mental health challenges - this self-paced course is a great place to begin healing and find structure and guidance through your Shadow Work Journey.

Yes, there are other "Shadow Work" programs out there... but none led by a Traumatology expert, backed by real world experience, to guide you through this process in a healthy, effective way and at a fraction of the cost of traditional therapy.

And because I’m committed to getting this life-changing information into as many hands as possible, you can get Lifetime Access to FACING YOUR SHADOWS for just $333 - that includes all coursework and ebook updates, and monthly group coaching.




12-weeks of Mental Alchemy with the Nocturnal Therapist

Ready to move into the Re-Conditioning Phase? In SELF-MASTERY, we’ll work together 1:1 to develop your PLAN OF APPROACH, and integrate the information into knowing

This program is essential for anyone who wants to delve into & understand themselves completely, with the goal of healing, becoming happier, and being more successful.

I am ready to go deeper.


Increase awareness 

 Replace old neural pathways of limiting beliefs by developing healthier ones

  Practice filtering daily decisions through your values

  Learn & practice Mental Alchemy to leverage your transformation through challenges

  Experience enormous growth, development and personal awakening

But wait... 

How is this different from working with a business or life coach?

Every coach has a different strategy, and while many of them are effective, strategy is irrelevant if you don’t do the inner work.

That’s why we develop your PLAN OF APPROACH - which goes beyond “taking action” and truly unearth your deep-rooted, subconscious beliefs. By learning how to filter your decisions through your values, you will build incredible self-discipline and an unshakable level of clarity and confidence in who you are, what you want, and what you’re capable of. No longer will you be chasing motivation - you will be fueled by your purpose.

SELF-MASTERY will help you move into a state of flow, open you up to synchronicities and coincidences, create a bigger impact, and embrace unconditional love for your unique gifts and potential.

There are only 5 spots available! Get Started Today.


Achieve inner peace and greater self-compassion with 5 BONUS Meditations

($195 value)

Whether you choose the Self-Paced Course or Self-Mastery Program, We want to set you up for success and equip you with even more more tools you can use to increase your awareness, and better understand your emotions. When you join today, you'll get...

Being Present with Negative Emotions
Using RAIN
Cultivating Agency to Heal from Trauma
Clarity of Emotions Journal Prompt
Shadow Work Journal Prompt


To Start Your Journey Today



  • Choosing to Heal E-Book*
  • 8 Audio “Chapters”:
    Dealing with Repressed Emotions
    Releasing Negative Emotions
    Emotional Exhaustion
    Trapped Emotions
    Emotional Turbulence
    Coping with Emotional Pain
    The RAIN Method
    Building Better Mental Health
  • 5 Bonus Guided Meditations
  • Resources & Recommended Reading 

* including future versions, you’ll get an updated copy as they are released


SELF-MASTERY Coaching Program


90 Day 1:1 Mental Alchemy with NOC

  • Weekly 60-minute 1:1 coaching sessions using mental alchemy to transmute, transform, and transcend moments of challenge and/or crisis.
  • Personalized Plan of Approach, which includes personality assessments that represent strengths to activate your Transcendent Functioning

Payment plan available! Get started today with 3 payments of $1350



If you’re not fully satisfied with the program, simply email us at [email protected] within 60 days that you went through the course content, and we’ll give you a FULL refund. No questions asked!

Why do we ask for proof of completion?

Simple - nothing works unless you do!

It’s time to make a choice. 

This isn’t a quick fix. You deserve to reclaim your power and break free from your limiting beliefs, and the first - and the hardest - is starting the journey. 

Right now, you have two options...

#1:  Continue your self-sabotaging patterns, stay in emotional purgatory and surrender to fear.

Or, #2:  Finally deal with your trauma and show up fully for your life and the world. 

By staying where you are now, you lose out on the OPPORTUNITIES that belong to you, the TIME that could be spent pursuing your passion or purpose, and the gift of finding MEANING from what you’ve gone through. 

 Or, you can make a commitment to yourself - to let go of the stories that are holding you back, unlock abundance, and open new doors for your life. You can learn how to stop viewing your pain as a problem and instead, know where it’s coming from and what to do with it.



When you join FACING YOUR SHADOWS, you get access to the Choosing to Heal eBook and 8 audio chapters that take you from Silent Sufferer to Empowered Explorer:
  • Choosing to Heal E-Book ($95 value)
  • 8-part 'Facing Your Shadows' Course ($395 value)
  • 5 Guided Meditations ($195 value)
  • Resources & Recommended Reading Section ($45 value) 

That’s over $730 in value for just $333.


Everything above, PLUS…

  • 12 weeks of transformative 1:1 Mental Alchemy with Harry AKA The Nocturnal Therapist ($15k value)
  • Your personalized Plan of Approach ($495)

$15000+ in value!

Your investment... 3 payments of $1350 (or save when you pay in full)


We've got answers. 


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