Mental Health and the 10 Commandments Part III

Season #3

Mental Health & the 10 Commandments Part III

On this final episode of this 3-part series, we end with the rest of the 10 Commandments placed in juxtaposition to mental wellness principles and practices. Sit back and plug out of the noise to plug in to this food for your mind and spirit. This is about you and living in your truth. This is about creating more ease and flow in life. Enjoy.  Check out Part I and Part II



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I am a business & marketing coach. My primary niche & focus is helping faith-led entrepreneurs superimpose spirituality & faith with practical business systems to grow faster and earn more with less time, energy & effort.
  I have a proprietary system that I teach as a part of my framework, the Persuasive Influence of Ethical Communicative Expression, “The P.I.E.C.E. Formula” for short.

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Mental health advocate & CEO of Delight Cafe CBD, Brandon Croucher.  Their mission is to " . . provide nature-based CBD products that will give people relief from a wide range of health challenges and we deliver those products using environment-friendly packaging." Their belief is " . . that nature can provide us with what we need to live more peacefully together and that it is our obligation to protect the environment, so that nature can provide all of us healthy, sustainable natural solutions to health issues."

Brandon can also be found on his YouTube Channel.



0:00 - How often do we let others take our joy?

0:15 - Don't steal.

1:25 - If you can control yourself and control your urges, you're going to be able to handle yourself better so people can't steal your joy and you're not stealing.

1:49 - Don't lie.

3:13 - The truth is going to be the truth, even when the facts shift from time to time, because the facts can change. But when the truth shows up, the facts don't matter.

4:31 - the first election held for President George Washington was losing and he turns around and he goes to the state of Virginia and sends his people to all the pubs. Anybody who didn't vote, he will give that buy them their drinks for the night. If they go vote for him. He won the election because of this. And his first act was to abolish the fact that you're not allowed to give you're not allowed to bribe your voters. So what I'm saying is, the facts that are there sometimes get covered up and when the truth comes out.

6:08 - Do not steal do not steal from you understand this, a person can take was not this into the possession of something that's yours, then that means that you gave it over, a person can't push your buttons unless you give them the control of first.

6:22 - So understand what it is to honor the limits of your territory.

8:46 - pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding. It's the bitter potion with which the doctor within heals your sick self so drink the potion and in peace and tranquility.9:11 - Your pain is the guide to your truth because your pain is not there to judge you. . . 

10:20 - #10: Stay grateful while not comparing yourself to others.

12:29 - When you’re grateful for the little things, you begin to receive more.

13:21 - when we acknowledge the source, the causation beneath that thing that we are experiencing, then we can expand it because there are no limits.

15:04 - And as your faith grows and your belief grows, the things that you have to be grateful for grows, and that talent goes from one to five to 10 to 30, 60, 100 fold.

15:47 - And the reason why my mission is to assist others in developing the audacity to live unapologetically authentic is because that is the practice of happiness. Because happiness is not a destination to be reached, but the way we travel. 

16:34 - When you are in a grateful state, you are asking you also listen more of that which you are grateful for.

22:14 - When you have a desire to understand more, you will not thirst for more, it will come.


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