8 Ways an Alcohol-Free Lifestyle Can Help You Live Intentionally

Feb 14, 2022

67% of people wanting to drink less or not at all are doing it to desire a healthier lifestyle. Begin to open your eyes to the real effects of drinking and look deeper into yourself. You may see how an alcohol-free lifestyle can help you live intentionally.

“Only alcoholics give up alcohol and ‘normal’ adults drink” - Karolina Rzadkowolska

This is not true. Living an alcohol-free lifestyle doesn't have to be for people addicted to it or who have hit rock bottom. Be curious about your relationship with alcohol and how it makes you feel. Really look into this habit for yourself as it could revolutionize your life. 

If you want to live with intention, achieve your goals, and live to your fullest potential, living an alcohol-free lifestyle may be the way forward for you. 


Social Conditioning of Alcohol 

The way alcohol is used in movies and marketing makes it out as a tool that makes you more glamorous, sophisticated, confident, and fun. We believe our need for wildness and connection with others is connected to alcohol.

"The sociological conditioning of alcohol and how we come to believe that our human needs can somehow be met with alcohol. It's very subtle, it's very subconscious." - Karolina Rzadkowolska.


How an Alcohol-Free Lifestyle Can Help You Live Intentionally

If you believe something doesn't serve you, you won't want it. That is the same for alcohol. If you look at these 8 ways an alcohol-free lifestyle can help you live intentionally. You might think twice about why you are drinking and how it makes you feel when you do. 


1. Going Alcohol-Free is Better for Our Brains

Even one drink affects us so much. Alcohol lowers your receptivity to dopamine levels, lowers serotonin and GABA levels - these are neurotransmitters that make us feel happy and motivated. But then it increases the release of stress hormones like cortisol, adrenaline, and dynorphin in our bodies. So drinking makes you feel low and crappy, and your stress levels increase. This can be for a single drink. 


2. You Will Be In a Better Mood  

With the effects drinking causes on our brain, ultimately, you will feel down, unmotivated, and the rising stress levels can lead to other emotions such as isolation and depression. 


3. You Will Sleep Better 

Alcohol can affect the vital REM stage of sleep and may interfere with your breathing. Instead, wake up the next day feeling rested and like you took care of yourself. 


4. Become Mentally & Physically Healthier 

An alcohol-free lifestyle can help you live intentionally by rediscovering your sense of self and purpose. Alcohol can affect mental health, so you have a greater chance of understanding yourself and discovering your truth without it. 

Another benefit of an alcohol-free lifestyle is better physical health. Alcohol is linked to weight-gain, heart and liver problems. 


5. Believe In Yourself

The impact that the social conditioning of alcohol has on us is it makes us think we are not good enough. We think we need to drink alcohol to be a fun and exciting person. But if you know your true personality, the good parts about you, you will believe in yourself and know you don't need alcohol to change your truth. 


6. Feel Your Emotions 

One reason many people drink is that they are bored. Alcohol numbs the emotions of boredom, pain, and fulfilment. If you lean into your feelings and feel them, you may find your real passions. 

Boredom is the sensational experience of being disconnected from your divine self. If you go within and find what brings you joy and purpose you may discover your gift. 


7. Get Out Your Comfort Zone

Without weekends partying and drinking, you will have time to try new hobbies and fun things to fill that boredom in your life. 

By doing this and learning to be yourself, you will gain confidence in who you are.


8. Strengthen The Bond with Your Deeper, Higher Self 

An alcohol-free lifestyle has many benefits. By finding your purpose, gift, confidence, and belief in yourself as a person (without alcohol), you will be more empowered to live life to your fullest potential and find that connection to your deeper, higher self. 

“Emotion is the chief source of consciousness. There is no change from darkness to light or from inertia to movement without emotion.” C.G. Jung


Try an Alcohol-Free Lifestyle to Help You Live Intentionally?

Alcohol drops you onto a lower frequency - so think, why do you enjoy low-frequency environments so much? When you know you are better than that?

If you have been drinking for years, you might have no idea what your life looks like without alcohol. Just experiment with it and take a break. Remember, over half of the people who drink wish they weren't drinking or drinking less, but they don't dare to do that yet.

How intentional are you to form a deeper and more intimate relationship with yourself? Get curious, lean into yourself and think if this one tool you picked up in your life is really serving you in your longer-term goals.

If you want to learn more about being Empowered and Alcohol-Free, listen to the full podcast episode with Karolina Rzadkowolska.

Remember you are a perfect imperfection. So choose yourself and your wellbeing over fitting in. When you live in your true self, then you become LIT up for life. (LIT = living in truth)

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