How to Reset Your Mindset to Manifest Your Best Life

Mar 01, 2022

Approximately 98 percent of people die without fulfilling their dreams. This is due to the excuses we make in order to permit ourselves to continue operating the same way.


We can use the same words but have expressed meanings from different dictionaries, so let’s quickly define what an “excuse” actually means.



“late 14c., "pretext, justification," from Old French excuse, from excuser "apologize, make excuses" ” - The Online Etymology


Excuses like: "It's too hard, I'm too old (or young), I'm too busy, Other people think I can't, It's not realistic or I'm afraid."


All of these thoughts in our heads “stop us from” living how we want to or achieving the goals that we dream of, or are a “justification for” us to continue living as we typically do. 


The longest journey we will ever take is the journey between our heads and our hearts. Anything you want to achieve starts with one simple thing - your mindset. 


Are you ready to stop listening to the excuses in your head or giving justification for you to continue operating business as usual? Then keep reading to find out how to reset your mindset to manifest your best life. 


Be Aware of the Words You Say to Yourself 

The first step in resetting your mindset is to be aware of what you are saying to yourself. The voices in your head are merely perspectives colliding. Be patient and look at all perspectives prior to choosing a path. If you don't, your mind will choose what it has always chosen, the safest route.


What is it that voice is saying to you?

Is it telling you that you aren't good enough. That you aren’t worthy. That you aren’t smart enough or pretty enough. Maybe it tells you, you need to learn more things from people selling ideas on social media platforms.


Whatever it is telling you, be aware of it.


It all starts with us. The only person you can work on and with, is yourself. When the new energy you send out spreads, you will start seeing change around you.  If perspective is reality, one would only need to shift perspectives to alter one’s reality. 


"If you want to make a change in the world, and you want to draw those people in, you have to get out of your way. Meaning don't tell yourself I can't." - Jana Short.

The Only Opinion That Matters Is Yours

You don't need someone else telling you, validating things about yourself. Lasting validation that leads to confidence and authenticity can only come from you. Your beliefs about yourself, your life, your goals, and your dreams are the only ones that matter.


When someone tries to tell you, "you can't do that, or that’s too risky," know that they are saying it from a place of what they believe to be love as they want to protect you.  But it is the nature of humans to love and then try to protect what we love because we fear loss. 


Choose wiser, and give thanks in all moments, as you move forward and keep working on your growth. 


Start Seeing the Beautiful You 

It's time to start seeing yourself in the mirror and telling that person how amazing they are. Monitor your self-talk.  Accept that you may not be used to saying love-ing things to yourself first. Acceptance is key and a precursor to change. Then change how you speak to yourself, and the excuses that grow as a result of subconscious limiting beliefs will fade away.  Feed your faith and your doubt has no alternative but to starve to death.


"It sounds simple, but thoughts become things... I'm still alive because of the power of thought, not medicine, nothing could help me… the thoughts you put in your head become reality." - Jana Short


If you put out a block and listen to the excuses in form of limiting beliefs to not take risks on how awesome of a person you are, such as, "I can't do this, I'm not worthy," then you will see actual blocks in your life, things that stop you from achieving your dreams. 


"80% of it is mindset, 20% of strategy, but the people who are living in fear spend 80% on strategy, never change their mindset and they don't quite get there… don't get caught up in strategy because once you get your mind right, everything will fall into place." - Jana Short


Decide Who You Want to Be 

You can do choose anything you seek to experience and have that experience when you move skillfully. Visualize your goals as doors. Visualize yourself walking through those doors. Continue to pour your energy in the form of attention into this visualization and the doors will open. You are whoever the hell you decide to be, RIGHT NOW.


It takes a while for the physical reality to catch up to the decision you made, but when you align your aura, thoughts, words and deeds. When you know your sponsoring thoughts, it affirms your reality. 


Remember to speak from a place of empowerment, I AM. This enhances the manifestation of your thoughts. You can then align your feet. 


That's the code for rapid manifestation. All you have to do from that point forward is continue to live and move in your truth. If you continue to do that, I assure you, if you don't give up whatever it is that you're seeking to experience and desire will happen. 


It's there. It will be yours.


Live in the now! 


Ready to Reset Your Mindset to Manifest Your Best Life? 

Becoming part of the approximate 2 percent who fulfill their dreams starts with mindset, or who you “think” you are. These steps are here to provide clarity and to reset your mindset to manifest your best life. 


If you want to listen to the journey of Jana Short, who changed her whole life around simply by resetting her mindset, listen to the full podcast episode here, Getting Out of Your Way .


Don't listen to the voices or excuses in your head. Push through with your empowering words. Experience yourself, through visualization, embodying the energies of empowerment and live your truth. 


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