A Nocturnal Mind(set) is Born

Jan 18, 2023
School of Outliers
A Nocturnal Mind(set) is Born

I wept today . . .


Some teach positivity as a form of spiritual escapism. I seek no false comforts. I am that I am. 


I didn’t expect to be so overcome with emotion. The topic of institutional racism has been my greatest stumbling block, from an emotional standpoint. I can almost feel my lifespan being shortened when I speak of it.  But if not me than who? Where? How? 


Speaking as a black man, I know many other men of color can’t do it. Not that they won’t try. They have to struggle and seek answers to the prejudices they face before stumbling across a book or some other information source that provides an accurate account of historical events, just like I have and continue to do. And pain has to be present enough for that motivation to manifest.


It’s hard to carve rotten wood.” - Chinese Proverb


Not that my brother is spoiled rotten. Quite the contrary is true. It’s just we live in a world that will always tell us to prioritize everyone and everything but us. Pain usually has to be that motivation to seek out our truth.


This is why I bless my pain while my ego curses it. My pain becomes a light in the darkness that tells me “Be Aware”. Awareness is key to a liberated state of beingness.


Emotional Alchemy doesn’t teach me to avoid my pain or whitewash it with pollyannaish themes and catchphrases. It educated me on the dangers of spiritual escapism in a “fast food” nation allergic to discomfort that appears when the light switch is turned on. Many fear adapting to new adjustments to the energetic frequency of a higher level on consciousness.


My parents raised me to be educated and not indoctrinated, even by them. I recall my father’s voice, “don’t even believe what I tell you. Seek out the truth for yourself. Trust no man but God, even if it’s me.”


That message remained. It sat in my beingness long enough to take root. It, an education rooted in one’s personal and universal truths, is now the tree that provides me shade and sustenance from the fruit it bears. 


I’ve eaten from it for years. And I’m well-fed. I’ve moved from Similac to steak. And yet my hunger only intensifies. My thirst is insatiable.


After years of true education, Emotional Alchemy not only shows me where the waves are, but teaches me how to surf. 


A life of authenticity is a life of skill.”

I am grateful for this Authentic Moment.