The Energetic Exchange (or Power of Giving)

Mar 29, 2021

There is so much confusion surrounding the power of giving. Some think they have to give everything away in order to be liked, loved, and respected. Others think they need to hold on to everything because there is scarcity or lack. Neither approach is good (healthy) and neither have the key component of balance.

It’s not necessary to hoard and it’s not necessary to give everything away either if you desire to receive more of your desires. Here are a few tips on giving and receiving and how they balance each other out.

It’s Okay to Want (Healthy Desiring) More

Once you recognize your underlying feelings associated with wanting more, you may be able to open up to abundance like you’ve never seen. Just about everyone you know probably has some feelings of guilt associated with wanting more. 

If you say you want more money, you are known to be greedy. If you say you want more food, you can be called a glutton. The simple act of wanting more is not greedy or selfish. It’s okay to want more. When you realize that, you set yourself free.

If you want more than anyone else, however, and are not willing to share or do good with your abundance that is what falls into the category of greed, not the simple act of wanting and being more. Don’t feel guilty about wanting more.

Giving Abundantly

When you give abundantly without hesitation and with no fear or guilt involved, that is where the magic happens. Try with small doses at first. Start by cleaning out a closet and giving your gently used items that you no longer use to charity. Buy a gift for someone just because and watch them smile.

Then become more aware. Become more aware of how you snagged the last, only parking spot right outside the store when it was pouring rain. Say thank you now. Be grateful for the reciprocal abundance.

Be Aware

Every time you receive something good, pay attention and choose to invite gratitude into that space. When things don’t go your way, pay attention to that too but don’t spend too much time on it. 

“Wherever attention goes, energy flows.” - Dandapani.

Make sure not to spend more energy than is available to process it. It can manifest into feelings of intense sadness. “The past is for reference, not residence.” - E.T.  We must be intentional with what we pay attention to.


When someone does something nice for you or seeks to help you, tell the truth, do you tell them it’s not necessary or they shouldn’t have? Let people give to you and be gracious and accepting of it. When you allow people to give to you, it teaches them to be better receivers and invites the power of giving flow back and forth.

Giving without Expectation

Make certain when you give whether it is money, time or help that you give without expectation of anything in return. Also, make certain that you have no specific set of outcome attachments to your giving either. 

Don’t expect the end result to look a certain way or have a certain outcome. The pothole to look out for here are our wants (mental attachment), or what has been referred to as one of the hindrances to spiritual awakening, sensual desire

Sensual desire is the unhealthy avoidance of pain and obsessive pursuit of pleasure, or hedonism, that becomes the substance of our wants for an experience other than what we are currently experiencing (The Present Moment). 

It represents the absence of presence and activity of a mind that has little knowledge of the innerworld where our joy and happiness arises. Our wants do not need to be present at first, but when triggered and in the presence of pain, they tend to gradually grow.

Giving has a powerful way of returning to you if you don’t expect anything in return and if you are aware that you receive blessings in other ways.