How to Expand Your Beliefs Around What’s Possible in Life

beliefs mindset Feb 15, 2021

Most of us feel that we have a limit. We have an idea in our minds of what feels about normal for us to achieve, to receive and to do in life. Anything beyond that just feels unattainable or something reserved only for those with the best of luck.

However, what many people don’t realize is that their own beliefs are causing them to be held back. By holding on to the belief that there is only a certain amount they can achieve or attain, people unintentionally hold themselves back from achieving their true hopes. They watch other people achieve things and believe they could never do the same. They think about what they would love to do but, without even truly knowing why, believe they will never do it. 

By expanding your beliefs around what’s possible in life, your entire mindset and view can change. You will also find that you are achieving more and breaking down your own internal barriers – some which you never even realized you had.

Think about what you believe 

A good/healthy first step is to stop and analyze why you believe what you believe. Is it because this is what you were taught? Is it because you’ve just never thought about anything else? Is it because people have told you this must be the case? 

When you understand why you have your current beliefs, you can then think about how to overcome these barriers and blockages to achieving your aspirations. 

Discover new beliefs

Not all new beliefs will be good for you, and you will find that many new things don’t resonate with you at all and you struggle to adopt them. However, discovering new beliefs and ideas can help you to develop your own understanding and have a clearer idea of what you actually think and believe. 

Visiting new places, speaking to people with different viewpoints to you, reading different books and seeing what other people have to say are all ways to discover new beliefs and challenge your own. 

Commit to rethinking your approach through Intentionality

Depending on how long you’ve held the views you’re trying to change, you might find it difficult to commit to trying anything new. If you’ve figured out now that you want to change your views, you’ll also need to challenge and change your approach to things. After all, if you can do anything you want to – it’s time to INTENTIONALLY choose something different. 

A great way to recondition yourself is through affirming who you are and the new healthier choices you've committed to. A great way to practice creating clarity and a healthier headspace are through Affirmations. Click here for "Affirmations Made Easy" guide if you'd like a little assistance.