The Power Of Writing Down Your Goals, Dreams, And Affirmations

Mar 07, 2022

The simple method of writing things down will allow you to have a 42% increase in the chance of success. 


“Various studies have found that people who do a bout of journaling have fewer doctor visits in the following half year, and reduced symptoms of chronic disease like asthma and arthritis.” (Newman)


Newman went on to report studies that journaling can actually improve the effectiveness of vaccines as well as boost your immune system!


There is so much power in writing down your goals, dreams, and affirmations. Whatever you’re actively envisioning out of your relationships, career, family, it's not real until you make it real by responding to it through your actions. 


Remember the code:  Intentionality Reflects Relationship


Journaling is the intentional choice to write it down to bring it from merely a thought to a physical manifestation of that thought. How do you know you’ve manifested it?  After you’ve written it down, ask someone to read it. If they can read what was once a thought, you’ve successfully brought it into your physical reality. Just that simple.

Get everything out of your head and write it down. No, I don’t mean on the notes section on your phone or typed out on your computer. I mean actual pen on paper. 


Want to turn your dreams into physical reality? Keep reading to find out why it is so vital to write things down and the best way to practice it. 


Why It’s So Important to Write Things Down


Your goals, dreams, affirmations, or things you desire in life are not real until written down.


Writing with a physical pen and paper is a conscious process and something you have to be intentional about. This process requires more thought and presence than quickly typing something on your phone or computer.


“At the end of the day, get your bucket list out of your head and onto paper. It's funny how the universe, God, whoever you want to speak to, finds a way to make this stuff happen."– Travis Bell.


Journaling is a Shadow Work practice that allows you to release trapped emotions, which is energy in motion. Remember, Shadow Work is the skillful practice of inner reflection leading to more skillful action and the release of trapped emotions. 


Journaling is a practice that assists you in processing emotions as opposed to repressing them. Journaling is one of the primary Shadow Work practices I recommend. As a child, I’d write volumes of journal entries and poetry. It became so cathartic that I’d write down my more challenging emotions and after I’ve bled my soul out through pen and paper, set it ablaze.


Every thought has a corresponding impact on the body. But when you take that, and you write it down, it’s taking something you created up here in your mind, your creation, whatever it is, and putting it in this physical reality. But now other people can see it as well.  From the alleviation of rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, and Sx associated with severe mental health disorders to curing writer’s block and improved executive functioning, there are too many pros for me to list in one blog.


That is a radical act of manifestation that you just did, and you have made it real for yourself when you write it down. 


It can die off if you don’t continue to feed it and be intentional with it. So you need to keep writing things down and stay consistent with them. 


The Best Way to Practice

It’s easy to write things down, but the results will be tenfold when you do it with complete consciousness and intention. 


Here is how you can practice this:


Pick something that brings you joy. The best way to practice writing things down is to have a set book, journal or notepad designed for this exact purpose. Something beautiful that brings you joy and serves the sole purpose of writing goals.


Set aside time every day, week or month to go over your ideas, goals, dreams and affirmations. When you are intentional with spending your time, you show up for it. 


Find an intentional space to practice this. Find a safe, peaceful place where you can act on taking the time to act on writing things down. It could be a quiet corner in your house where you light a candle, a spot in the park under a tree, or at your favorite cafe while drinking a hot cup of coffee.


Keep writing them until they manifest in your reality. To turn these into reality, you need to stay consistent and keep writing things down, reminding yourself of what you want, need or desire until it manifests itself in the real world.


Once things begin to manifest in your life, it’s also important to look back at what you have written and you will start to see how far you have come. Begin to practice gratitude for your journey.

Ready to Manifest Your Goals and Write Them Down? 

Want to turn your creative thoughts into physical reality? Then you need to practice writing things down consistently. This article should have helped you understand more about the power behind writing things down, why it’s so essential, and the best way you can practice it.


“Give yourself permission to be happier. Design happiness, intentionally design and be purposeful about putting happiness into your life more, both into your work and into your life.”– Travis Bell.


Are you interested in hearing more about writing things down? Listen to the full podcast episode Living Fully with Travis Bell (The Bucket List Guy) for more. 


One of the key things I teach my clients is to write things down; this helps them drastically and the things they have manifested in their lives are beautiful. They are fully living in their truth now and allowing things to flow. 


Want more help living your truth? Check out the Shadow Work training for more information. 


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