Understanding Your Algorithm

Oct 24, 2022
looking inside the matrix

Our brains are incredible. We are born with the ability to take in information from our environment, and organize it into a framework of understanding with the main objective of keeping us safe. We can think of this as our Life Story, or our “Algorithm”.

The Algorithm develops from childhood and is influenced by our experiences, feedback, parents and caretakers, and later the media, the educational system and our friends. We develop beliefs about how the world works. And these beliefs then form our identity, who we think we are.

Our experience of life is then filtered through our unique perception of reality. It is this filter through which we process the situations of our life, rather than the actual situations themselves, that determine the meaning we give to them.

By early adulthood, we've developed a story, a narrative script, we tell ourselves and others about what happened in our past, how the world works, and who we are. Our brain uses this story like a blueprint to make sense of the world, to predict, evaluate, react to and control our lives.

We refer to the blueprint for guidance, when we encounter challenges, to determine what it means and how we should respond. Our Algorithm determines whether we are resilient or rigid, and whether we thrive or fail. Our brain is constantly trying to find a way to make what happens fit within our blueprint, it has to confirm that our view of reality is right. It has to keep us safe from uncertainty or danger.

Our brains are wired to find notice and focus on what we already believe, so we tend to find ourselves in situations that confirm our biases. We end up with expectations about how the world should be. The world around us proves us right, and our belief is reinforced. And so the story continues…

That is, until you intercept the story and change your beliefs. You have to trick your brain into following a new blueprint, and re-writing the story. When you do this, you will begin to look at life differently. Your expectations will change. And your brain will do what it does best - find evidence that you're right.

You have a choice: re-write the story, or stay locked into the unconscious belief system that has determined your life so far. It is important to understand that you already have everything you need, and you can be, do or have anything you desire. The truth is that your unique abilities and circumstances have unfolded perfectly to prepare you to live your own life and fulfill your own desires.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to rewrite your life story to reflect the truth of who you are. You may not be able to change what happened in the past, but you can change the way you look at your past, and you can change the story you tell about it. If you’re ready to dive deeper, I invite you to register for the UPDATE YOUR ALGORITHM Masterclass. This live training will help you to utilize the tools that will help you transform this potential into the fullest version of who you came to this earth to be. Click here to register now.