Why the "truth" doesn't matter?: SCHEMAS and America's Mental Health Crisis

Jan 31, 2023

We all have mental schemas.

These represent the filter through which we interpret the world around us, which we call the "situation". But in truth, schemas thrive in our interpretations of situations. It is our schemas that create and confirm our worldviews. 

Schemas are mental programs that decide reality before reality is seen and heard. They thrive in spaces where reasoning is manipulated as a byproduct of there being a void of knowledge. It is easier to fill an empty ditch than it is to dig up a ditch already full, even if it's full of crap.

Awareness of situations, how we perceive situations, information from the present moment that we think we know, and information from our past in the form of insights and/or insecurities all go into the gumbo pot of schema programming. Programming then leads to our experience, which is mainly the projection of the ego's emotional reaction.

From thought to experience, our ego's version of reality can be decoded in this formula:  S.H.I.I.T.  In the matrix of the mind, our perception and earlier programming codes the ego's experience of reality. Our experience is our S.H.I.I.T.

How we think influences how we act. What we react to determines what is true for us. When the truth is in contrast with what we believe, and we simultaneously resonate on the lowest levels of consciousness, we choose beliefs over truth. And that belief operates as it's own institution, telling the person where to be, at what time, and how to respond to life. 

"Falsification of reason is indicative of nonintegrity and is also a primary characteristic of psychopathic personality traits.  . . . violation of truth can also be the consequence of purposeful distortion of the meaning of words by virtue of politicalization and social theories that calibrate below 200 (e.g., 'new think', language police, political elitism, etc.) . . . . . ." - David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D.

Schemas are part of our larger mental algorithms. They use confirmation biases to continue operating to the same repeat loop of reality. They are resistant to taking in new information as it would change the algorithm

For instance, children who's algorithms are calibrated to believe that they are incompetent will rarely challenge this belief, even as adults. They will search out for evidence to support this limiting belief. 

Most negative schemas usually do not go away without therapy, especially since many adults are unaware that it is even in operation. Even success in people’s lives is often still not enough to change the beliefs of this schema.

The schema fights for its own survival, and, usually, convinces the person to choose the blue pill, or continue believing that all of what it knows is all there is to know.

It may say things like "Never forget what happened last time we faced a situation like this." The conundrum is, if we respond to life only in the space of what we think we know, we are limited to what it is we think we know, which ain't much. 

Human Needs:

The birth of negative mental schemas, or beliefs, are also formed when NEEDS are not met, typically during childhood. The schema later on takes on self-sabotaging behaviors which become a never-ending cycle, preventing similar needs from being fulfilled in adulthood, including the need for CONNECTION. 


A person whose need for secure attachments is not fulfilled by their guardian may go for many years in later life without secure relationships.  It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy that perpetuates itself because we seek out commonalities and similarities of ourselves in our connections, including intimate ones.

If individual "A" is drawn to individual "B" as a result of insecure attachment programming, it usually represents the invisible presence of a schema that was born somewhere in individual's "B" his-tory as well. Like energy attracts and is attracted to like energy, even if it manifests in the opposite form.

Removing the layers would reveal similar programming in both partners. You could imagine that secure attachments are more enduring and resilient than insecure attachments.  This leads to many more relationships beginning and ending when the programming of insecure attachment is invisible to the person's awareness. 

Until the person becomes conscious of their schema programming, it will continue to motivate them to seek out insecure attachments, leading to the potential for many more traumatic experiences in their relationships.  

Eventually the person my throw up their hands and say "I am doomed to having problems in my relationships. I am fated to experience this familiar experience. I am better alone. It's better to just give up." 

Dysfunctional thoughts and beliefs leading to dysfunctional choices and behaviors becomes the gasoline for confirmation biases to become even more entrenched into the person's perception of reality.

And . . . until the Unconscious become Conscious to them, that programming will direct their choices and they will believe they are fated to the same experience. 

It is time to wake up. . . . 



Look at the polarizations of our country. Because of the marriage between money, the media, and psychology, we are at the verge of destruction as a divided house cannot stand. The political elite now exploit the structure of America's institutions, and therefore create dysfunctional schemas in the larger population, as the people are the institutions

No creation is greater than its creator.  

"No one is above the law" has been proven a fallacy of logic, time and time again, as we created the law. In a polarized society, those who have an abundance of social, economic, and political capital can see and understand this and use this to their advantage, as was the case of the Affluenza argument.

The "television" now tells-a-vision, or projection of reality, that through repetition of it being told becomes our accepted program, or version of reality. We are self-hypnotized into that version projected into our minds. A movie may have been chosen for you, but it is you that chooses whether or not to watch it. 

If you want freedom from being manipulated into a belief you adopt but has no practical value for you, it is time to do the work to understand how to take your mind back from the trading post of the media, political elite, and even America's institutions itself. It is time my friend. Until you make the intentional choice to be free, you will remain imprisoned to the invisible force that guides you, the ego and its lack of knowing where your truth lives.

Are you tired yet? . . .


I'll be leading a Masterclass the last Friday of every month in 2023 designed to assist you discover how your unique algorithm was formed, how it influences every aspect of your life, and how to identify the patterns and beliefs that may be holding you back from reaching your highest potential. You are invited. 

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