5 Steps to Find Purpose In Your Pain

Feb 20, 2022

According to research, more than half of Americans live with physical pain. But everyone has experienced some form of pain, whether physical or mental pain. Pain is part of all of our lives.

What if I told you that pain could be good? What thoughts come up for you when I say this?

It's important to remember that your pain can serve a purpose. Pain can allow you to grow if you see it as having that purpose. You will see it as something that has intention and is taking you forward in your journey.

Here are the steps to take to find purpose in your pain.


1. Choose Not to Suffer

We all experience pain, but how we choose to deal with and process that pain is different.

"Pain is inevitable. Suffering, on the other hand, suffering is optional. Suffering is what you do with that pain." - Terry Tucker.

Choosing not to suffer is the first step in finding a purpose in your pain. It is not ignoring your pain. Understand pain is there to make you aware. Choosing not to suffer is to be present with your pain and accepting what you become aware of. If you wallow and feel sorry for yourself, you are not on the right path to understanding the deeper meaning of how your pain can help you grow. 


 2. Take Responsibility

Life is full of uncertainties, good things happen, but bad things happen too. Whatever happens in your life, it is your job to take responsibility. 

"We always want to blame somebody for things in life that don't go our way. We never want to take responsibility for our own success and happiness… I didn't blame anybody." - Terry Tucker.


3. Don't Give Up 

The obstacles in our lives are sometimes ones we place there, maybe not on purpose, but they are still there, and you have to overcome them. 

"My pain is going to end someday… But if we quit, if we give up, if we give in, pain will always be part of our lives." - Terry Tucker.

Have hope, and keep in mind that things will get better no matter what pain is being caused in your life. 

In the army, they have a training method, where if you are at the point of giving up, they tell you, "you're only at 40% of your capacity, so you have another 60% in you to keep going."

Part of finding the purpose in pain is to not give up and find hope. 


4. Believe In Your Growth

It's in that space of pain (where you keep going) that the growth happens. There is no growth without resistance. 

Resistance means discomfort and pain. But if you lean into that pain, it takes on a different purpose. It's the same way we lean into our pain when going to the gym. But because we are doing it with purpose and intention, it doesn't feel like pain. It's an enjoyable type of pain. Regardless of how much we enjoy it, it's still painful and stressful on the body. 

Pain can serve you to grow and become a stronger person. When we don't understand the purpose of our pain, we start wallowing and sit with it. Believe in it’s growth and purpose to make you stronger. 


5. Keep Moving Forward

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step" - Lao Tzu. 

My definition of success is that success is an endurance test. How long can you continue building that ark plank by plank? How long are you willing to continue moving forward? 

Whatever your version of success and happiness looks like, as long as you say yes, you have no choice but to keep moving towards success as it's cause and effect. 

"What if you got 1% better every day? At the end of 30 days, you're 30% better than when you started." - Terry Tucker.

If you want to learn more about Choosing Your Suffering, listen to the full podcast episode with Terry Tucker.


Ready to Find Purpose In Your Pain?

These steps towards helping you find purpose in your pain should have guided you forwards. By taking that first step in your journey to understanding your pain and how it can serve you better in your life, you will be on the right path to living with intention. 

Accept your mortality and that life does change, and be curious about your life's purpose. When it comes to transition, the level of assurance is reserved for people moving in their purpose or living in truth.

So when the day comes for you to be called away, you know that you were called doing what you were supposed to do and serving your purpose in the world. 

We are all here to find the truth of who we are, together or divided, but still arm in arm, we are here to find that truth.

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