Attracting The Love You Deserve

May 23, 2022

Various studies in recent years have charted the growing number of young people who are not in a committed relationship. 

While some of those people are happily single and not interested in dating, others are  actively dating, and searching for their forever partner or soulmate.

You may be on a mission to find your soulmate, but you might not be healed or prepared for that experience.  Can you love the other, with the same level of intensity you seek to experience for yourself?  Not “one day” but right now can you say you are ready for that level of connection and your deep-rooted pain or wounds won’t get in the way? 

You could come across the “perfect” person for you, but if you have not resolved your trauma, cracks will start to show if you do not fully love yourself first. 

The first steps to attracting the love you deserve all begin with YOU. 

Keep reading to learn how you can attract your soulmate and the steps you need to take to put yourself into energetic alignment. 

What Is A Soulmate?

I believe that a soulmate is someone – an energetic being manifested as a human – that you collide with somewhere on your journey through life.  Some collisions are meant to transform you, be it painful or pleasurable. 

A soulmate is one of those collisions that serves as a catalyst ultimately for you to transform physically, mentally, and spiritually.

“Having a soulmate is a sacred connection.” – Nicole Sublette. 

Know What You Want And Be Clear With Your Intentions

Part of attracting the love you desire is first knowing exactly what you want to attract. 

Just as you would go about setting goals for your personal life and career, you have to do the same with your romantic life. 

Know the qualities you want to see in a partner. Maybe that is kindness, thoughtfulness, and humor.  You might want them to be spiritual.  What hobbies do they enjoy?  Create a picture of your ideal partner and what the relationship would look like. 

"Because if we just go blindly, and we don't really know what we want, then we're going to attract anything in because the thing is, we're people, and we're magnetic ... we're constantly attracting things, we're attracting in the good, we're attracting the bad, the positive and the negative. So we have to be super conscious about our intentions." – Nicole Sublette. 

If you have a destination in mind towards your soulmate, you can create a map of how to get there.

Know And Love Yourself First 

The longest distance that any of us will take is the distance of the journey from our heads down to our hearts. 

We all have to begin with an aura alignment. We must first understand who we are as energetic beings, and then understand that what we attract to ourselves is based on the frequency that we put out. 

If we don’t have love for ourselves, we are not in the position to give love to others.  Whatever you fill yourself up with, is what you spill out. 

Before diving into dating, you should be comfortable and happy with being with yourself.  Truly content with your own company, you should not need a partner but want one. 

Understanding and loving yourself is the most important step to attracting your partner, because you only attract what you are and the energy you put out. 

Make Sure You Are Fully Healed

Healing unresolved trauma is a big part of stopping our past from creating the same patterns in our future. 

"When we have what is called Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), we can have disrupted attachment. And we can learn false views about ourselves at a very young age." – Nicole Sublette. 

This is why I created a free guide to introduce people to healing their shadows. You can download the free guide here. It is designed to help you heal from the past and begin to uncover emotions that you have hidden beneath the surface. 

My coaching operates from that space of the psychotherapy of Carl Jung. He said, “Until the unconscious becomes conscious, it will direct your life, and you will call it fate.”

This is why you need to deal with your repressed emotions and bring them to the surface.

When we repress it, that energy continues in motion but in ways that are unconscious and unseen to us. And this is why many of us, or some of us, may struggle with having connections or maintaining connections.

Ready To Attract The Love You Desire? 

This blog should have given you the first steps to manifest and attract the love you deserve. It all starts with YOU. 

You need to do the internal work. 

First, you need to heal and uncover your repressed emotions. It’s important to understand and love yourself completely. Then you can begin to sit down and see what you want in a partner. Make sure those qualities you are looking for are also inside you. 

Remember, you attract the same energy you put out into the universe.

Listen to the full conversation How To Attract Your Soulmate & A Love You Deserve - Part I with Nicole Sublette

Get started with your healing journey and download a copy of my FREE guide: Getting Started with Shadow Work, to discover what emotions you may be repressing, which could be holding you back from attracting your soulmate.