How You Can Get Into Energetic Alignment

Mar 21, 2022

When your energy is on the same frequency as the Universe, that is when the magic starts to happen; everything you choose to intentionally respond to will present itself to you. 


Many people live unfulfilled lives and stay out of sync with Life’s Rhythm and Flow. This leads them to feel lost, stressed, depressed, and even can cause them physical pain. 


You may feel like you’re always just at the edge of what you desire in life. You may believe you’ve lost who you are and feel like you’re sitting on the sidelines while others are making their dreams come true. You're STUCK, stagnant, and feeling empty and disconnected.


Maybe you've done well in life, but deep down, you wish you could live for yourself instead of catering to the unfulfilling expectations of others. You may feel as if you’ve been in the Passenger’s Seat of your own life.


That is how it feels to have your energy out of line. 


Ready to align your energy with your natural rhythm? Ready to invite in more moments of “flow” into your life where things are happening as you’d always hoped? Keep reading to learn some simple methods to achieve energetic alignment.

What Is Energetic Alignment? 


There was a test that showed us as energetic bodies of light. Everything is made of energy. Energy is made up of the mind, body, and spirit, our emotional body, spiritual body, physical body, and mental body. 


The Earth has its own energetic frequency. When we are in states of love, joy, bliss, and gratitude, in those higher feel-good states, we are matching the frequency of the Earth. 


“We don't have to think about blinking. We don't have to think about our heart beating. That just happens, but what power is that? It's the energy of the body in its own capacity and its own intelligence.” – Nicole Sublette.


Gratitude is the highest state of receivership. When you are in the space of receiving, you can’t be in the space of defending at the same time. Gratitude takes you out of that fight-or-flight space and brings you into that space of peace.  Polyvagal Theory refers to this as the “social engagement phase” where true authentic connections happen and you feel safe to explore your rhythm and flow more. 


When we have simple routines and rituals, we can increase that optimal state, those feel-good states, and the body tends to react to that. 


Universal Law:  “Wherever attention goes, energy flows.”


People think there is a separation between mind and body, but there is no separation. You’ll never catch any headless humans at the bank trying to make a withdrawal.


Energetic alignment means coming back to that space of optimal operation and wellbeing.  When you are in energetic alignment, you will feel deeply connected to the Earth, your purpose, and not feel resistance. 


You're on a frequency that aligns with everything you're seeking, meaning whatever you're seeking will naturally flow toward you.


Methods To Get Into Energetic Alignment


There are so many ways you can get into energetic alignment. Here are some simple methods to achieve it. 


Intentionally connect with nature – One simple way is to go out into the forest, get some sunshine, fresh air and connect with the Earth. The body’s physiology will start to resonate with nature and we can even get to the parasympathetic nervous system. 


Be intentional about nourishing your body – Eat foods that are high energetic. These are foods that are natural and directly from the earth. The more natural and whole it is, the more beneficial it is to your body. A lot of our food is so toxic, with refined sugars, corn syrups, additives, and artificial coloring. They can cause a lot of damage to the body. Eating food that’s as close to how Mother Nature made it is a great way to get into alignment. 


Intentional focus on proper sleep – Our circadian rhythm is based on the dark-light cycles. Actually living with the natural cycle of light, trying to wind down your day when it gets dark and waking up when it gets light is a beautiful way to get into alignment. 


Intentional Solitude – sit quietly by yourself, take some time to breathe or meditate in order to allow yourself to listen to your mind and understand your body. Be mindful about what emotions you are feeling, is it shame, guilt, fear, unfulfillment? Then see where in the body you feel these emotions. It may be in your head, chest or stomach. Allow yourself to express these emotions instead of bottling them up in your body. 


Look at which emotions you would like to feel and decide on the actions needed to feel like this. Here is where visualization may be your most effective tool. You can YouTube a visualization exercise or enroll in my mediation subscription.   


Maybe a swim in the lake or a bath soak invites in the experience of feeling empowered. Maybe spending time with your dog invites the experience of joy. Choose what area of your mind you’d like your awareness to be and be intentional about visualizing yourself traveling there.


Get Into Energetic Alignment Now 

This article reveals more about what it means to be in energetic alignment and the simple steps to begin to achieve it. Remember, just because it’s simple, doesn't mean it’s easy.


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