How To Get Everything You Want Out Of Life

authenticity clarity goals happiness mindset Apr 25, 2022
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“Everybody dies but not everybody lives.” – Felicia Johnson.

So many people spend their lives just getting by, not listening to their passions or calling, and moving forward each year without making a change in their life. Then, when old age hits, they look back and regret the things they didn’t do and the gift they never discovered. 

Why spend your life unfulfilled, unhappy, and not sharing your gift with the world? What holds most people back from living their authentic life is FEAR. 

As we all know, fear is the biggest dream killer. 

But on the other side of fear is the life you have been dreaming about. If you overcome that fear, you can get everything you want out of your life. Keep reading to learn the skills you need to master to stay LIT for life. 

What Is Living Smart?

To live SMART means to:

See Yourself & Awaken

Master Your Emotions

Ask, Believe, & Receive

Relax, Relate, & Release

Talk Wisely & Ascend.”

 – Felicia Johnson.

Discover Who You Are 

“To see yourself is discovering more about who you are. A lot of people do not know who they are…  What are your character values? Where do you really excel? Learn more about who you are. Take the time to study ‘you’.” – Felicia Johnson.

How long do we spend taking time studying someone else, whether that is a friend or someone we are dating, but we don’t take the time to study ourselves? 

When you truly understand who you are and the things you enjoy, you will begin to see yourself. The only person who is a constant in your life is YOU. So take the time to see you and love who you are. 

Doing shadow work allows you to build up more truths about yourself; it helps you find clarity and helps you move your focus from the outside world to the inner world. Our reality is a reflection of our thoughts and beliefs, so any real change must start with inner-standing. 

Master Your Emotions 

To master your emotions, “You have to tap into what you're feeling. Know the various types of feelings that you can experience. Most people might just be familiar with: happy, sad, mad. Others: bored, jealous, envious, fearful, doubtful. All those different things are feelings. A lot of times, you don't even know what a feeling is. You ask somebody how they feel. They won't give you a feeling word, they'll give you a description of a situation.” – Felicia Johnson.

You may respond with a physical state of being-ness like “I feel tired” when there are so many more actual emotions. Emotion is no more than energy in motion. 

Master the chart, the words and vocabulary to understand how you are really feeling.

Ask yourself throughout the day, “How are you feeling?” and learn how to name your emotions.

Surround Yourself With the Right People 

The highest emotion you want to be in is peace. Other people will always try to pull you into their chaos, but once you master your emotions, you can stay away from this tornado and center yourself in the calm. 

It helps to surround you with the right people too. When you give to a person on the same frequency as you, they give back. There is no loss in this space. These people will put you on the right track, encourage you, and want you to win.

You Need to Celebrate Yourself

We don’t take losses, we take lessons, and the past is not for residence but for reference. Always learn from your mistakes, don’t dwell on them. Make peace with your past and move forward. 

“Impostor syndrome is those feelings of self-doubt that means you do not embrace your successes, you disregard them.” – Felicia Johnson.

You have to realize, “I belong at this table!”

By disregarding your successes, you have told life that your successes mean nothing. Celebrate yourself, appreciate yourself, and know that you have just as much value as anybody else on this planet. No one is higher or lower than anybody else.

You were born on purpose, for a purpose, and with a purpose. Discover that purpose, because you have a gift that only you can introduce into this world, and we need you to become your authentic self. We need you to choose to be courageous instead of adding to the essence of your fear like your mind wants you to. 

The mind runs away from anything that does not please it. But understand that most of your growth will be pains and not pleasures, and if you run away from everything that is uncomfortable for you, you will miss out on much of your life and miss out on yourself. 

Ready to Get Everything You Want Out of Life?

This post should have guided you through the steps to get everything you want out of your life. From living SMART, learning more about yourself, mastering your emotions, surrounding yourself with the right people and learning to celebrate yourself. 

For more insight listen to the full podcast episode, Everybody Dies But Not Everybody Lives with Felicia Miller Johnson. To hear Felicia’s tips for living a full life.

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