How To Heal Your Anxiety

authenticity mental health wellness Mar 28, 2022

Anxiety is the most common mental illness globally, but all anxiety is just the bodily experience of fear. It is estimated that 275 million people suffer from anxiety disorders. That's around 4% of the global population. So that means fear is the most common illness which is affecting people.

Although it's the safest time for us humans to exist globally, we are the most fearful we have ever been in human existence. How are we so fearful, even though we have come so far? Fear corrodes away at our soul and spirit. It keeps us stagnant.

"Our mental health is the single most important factor that's holding us back in our lives" – Matthew Caruana

So many of us suffer from this trance of unworthiness, and we suffer in silence. There is hope if you can just grab that thread and pull towards the light. 

Keep reading to learn some ways to heal your anxiety, and watch out for a special gift from me to you at the end. 

How To Heal Your Anxiety 

"People just naturally want the path of least resistance. So we avoid adversity, and we think it's so bad. Beneath it is always, always a lesson. There's always something to be learned, or something there for you if you allow yourself to see it." – Matthew Caruana

Choose to move into your pain. Underneath your pain and shame may lie your greatest strength. 

"Life's already an uphill battle. Why walk that hill with bricks in your backpack? Why not take some of them out? If you can be free within yourself understand, look within, then you can be free." – Matthew Caruana.

In order to begin to heal your anxiety, you need to go within yourself. You should not look at the external or the people around you. If you can look within and understand, then you can be free. 

You can understand that you are more than your story. You are more than your thoughts; you are the awareness within and will see your consciousness unfolding. 

Feel your emotions
– Society has trained us to believe that emotions are a weakness, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Sit with the discomfort, be aware of your fears, pain and suffering; really feel those emotions instead of bottling them up. You could talk to a friend, stranger, counselor or mentor to release the pain. Follow your heart and do what feels right.

Develop mental fortitude
 – You need to be able to have a tolerance in life. When times are hard, you are able to persevere. When you fall off your bike as a kid, you get back up and keep trying. As kids, we are great at this because we are not scared. We do not feel fear. Even if we bumped our knees in the park, we got back up and kept going.

By developing the mental strength to remain strong despite adversity, we diminish our fears.

Build the ability to bounce back
– Building resilience when times get rough is key. How quickly after something bad happens can you get back up to a normal state?

There is no success without failure. You think you might die the first time you fall. But then you survive that fall, and you try again. Each time you stumble and get back up, you develop strength. Keep doing it, and eventually you begin to stop the fear of falling.

Courage gives you the ability to move forward despite being afraid. Know that fear keeps us stagnant, but know there is a difference between fear and danger. 

Danger is a reality, but fear is a choice

Control and conquer anxiety – Anxiety cannot be cured, but it can be managed, controlled, and conquered. 

Remember, anxiety is the bodily experience of fear, so if you can develop the strength to be brave, be courageous and push through the fear, you can begin to overcome anxiety. 

Really listen to yourself and go within. Stop listening to other people. You always have the answer you need within you

Want To Begin To Heal Your Anxiety?

This blog post should have given you some ways to begin to heal your anxiety from fear. 

Listen to this inspiring conversation Building Mental Resilience with Matthew Caruana on the Is That SOO? Podcast. Matthew shares how his mental health struggles led him to a suicide attempt and how he was able to break free from the trance of unworthiness and find his purpose through radical authenticity.

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