7 Steps To Effectively Practice Affirmations To Manifest Love

beliefs clarity mindset Jun 06, 2022
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A study published in the journal Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience used MRI to reveal that practicing self-affirmation activates the reward centers in your brain. 

Saying an affirmation to yourself such as, “I am worthy of love,” lights up the same reward centers as when you experience something pleasurable, such as winning a prize or spending time with loved ones. 

It lights up your neural pathways and changes the parts of the brain that make you feel happy and positive.

To effectively practice affirmations to manifest love, you need to mean them and allow the emotions to flow when you say them. 

This blog will give you tips on how to practice affirmations effectively. 

Practice A State Of Self-Love, Gratitude, And Happiness 

To use affirmations effectively, first, you need to be in a state of self-love, gratitude, and happiness. 

“I have discovered that self-love is actually a feeling state, it is actually a matter of the heart. And when we can be in a state of love, or if we can be in a state of gratitude, and we can start to express that unconditionally to everything – everything includes ourselves.”  – Nicole Sublette. 

“Practicing gratitude and seeing the beauty and everything, you begin to be able to use that to pierce your own heart and turn that inward and feel the beauty of yourself, and when you can experience the beauty in the truth of yourself, you will be brought to tears, you will be brought to your knees.” – Nicole Sublette. 

It’s important to love yourself, or develop the skillful practice of being “loving” to your Self, first to be open to receiving and giving love to others. 

“Everything we do is practice. Whatever we practice, we become.”

Why Do You Need To Effectively Practice Affirmations?

Once you have reached a state of self-love, you are ready to begin to use affirmations to manifest the love you desire. 

Even though these are words, affirmations are about moving from your head to your heart.

What you're doing is energetically aligning and allowing yourself to be in a position to receive love. Being an embodiment of love and gratitude is one of the highest states: it is the highest state of receivership.

Affirmation – it's subconscious, right? The subconscious mind is incredibly powerful, and it will accept pretty much any truth or image that you submit to it without question. 

But you must be able to align these vibrations of love and affirm your reality of love if you plan on attracting love. That begins with yourself.

7 Steps To Effectively Practice Affirmations

1. You Must Believe It As A Possibility For You

First, you must believe. For an affirmation to actually be effective, you have got to believe what it is that you are saying.  And then you dare to be daring by saying it is possible for you to have as well. You are worthy of good things too.  

When you are using affirmations, you are affirming a truth. You are claiming real estate in the metaphysical realm of potential with every “I AM” statement you make, that includes spoken and nonverbal language. 

It can't be off the wall like, “I am happy”, “I am beautiful,” or “I am successful”. You need to believe it. So get deeper with them and see how you feel when using certain affirmations to find the ones you can believe in, so that you stare at it long enough that your perception begins to evolve.  Perception, or “detection with awareness” is reality. What you perceive to be true for you shapes how you interpret and project reality. 

2. You Must Make It Personal

Write your own affirmations, relevant to your life and who you are as a person. These will be more meaningful than using an affirmation someone else created, obviously. But ensure that it is an affirming statement, in that it affirms what you now claim to be real and true for you. 

Non-Affirmation:  “I will NOT hide from life and love anymore.”

This is a knock-off, generic, affirmation that yields little to no results. The request to life in the above example is to NOT experience a thing. Life responds by doing nothing because in order to NOT experience a thing, or to experience a “NOT-experience” is not a request. It is still responding to our fears by looking at our “don’t wants”.

Affirmation:  “I choose to be open to life and love from this moment and every moment moving forward.”

Life then says, “AH HA! Yes! They’ve got it. A real affirming request!”  This gives all of creation a chance to respond to your requested experience via your affirmation.  You’ve asked creation to dance with you as you do what you were created to do best, CREATE YOUR REALITY. 

3. You Must Make It Memorable

Keep your affirmation simple, short, and direct. The more memorable and likable, the more digestible. The more digestible, the more you will rehearse it in the days ahead. The more you rehearse it, the more it travels from your head to your heart. And eventually, it becomes your way, and your truth. The challenge then is to Stay Living In Truth.

Remember:  The Outlier Plan of Approach (POA) requires you return back to what is inherent to you as opposed to the continued operation of limiting beliefs from fears you’ve inherited.  Staying LIT, or experiencing the LIT Effect, is the only path to true authentic expression and liberation of Mind, Body, and Spirit. It is you, giving yourself permission to be YOU!

4. Make It Positive, Or Affirming, And Present Tense

Practice in the present tense so your subconscious mind can believe it is already happening. All of the power you have now and will ever possess, exists in the present moment. Make sure they are positive, or affirming, affirmations, as wherever attention goes, energy flows. Continue to stare at that truth, no matter what your life looks like now. 

Yesterday is History. Tomorrow is a Mystery. Today is your Gift, which is why it is called The Present

5. Put Passion, Excitement And Emotion Behind Them 

If you want to energize those affirmations, make sure that you say them with passion and excitement. Put your emotions behind them. Passion is the directing of the transformational energy you have access to called Intentionality.  Your intentional efforts are the mother that gives birth to transformational changes in your life. 

6. Repeat It Daily

The little things you say to yourself constantly move you from the fear-rooted state of wanting to be safe, where you have to constantly guard yourself, or attack or project. It will move you from that state to a state of being grateful and ready to receive love, ready to receive life. 

“If you're listening to affirmations that you did not write for yourself, they're really well received, if you listen to them before you fall asleep, because our minds are wide, or more receptive, at that time.” Nicole Sublette. 

7. Practice Visualizing Them 

Incorporate creative visualization into your affirmation practice. This makes your affirmations seem real enough to take immediate action on. “Wherever attention goes, energy flows.”  What better way to send a conglomeration of creative energy you and I have, then through the skillful and meditative practice of transformational visualization?!

Try the 54321 technique.

  • Name five things that you can see around you.
  • Four things that you can feel.
  • Three things that you can hear around you.
  • Two things that you can smell around you.
  • One thing that you can taste.

Now you're there experiencing your affirmation, the mind can't really tell the difference between where you are physically versus where you've allowed yourself to travel mentally and spiritually.

Ready To Practice Affirmations To Manifest Love?

This blog post should have given you the steps you need to begin practicing affirmations effectively to manifest love. 

For more insight on manifesting the love you desire, listen to the full conversation How To Attract Your Soulmate & A Love You Deserve - Part II with Nicole Sublette. 

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